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  1. dipsherry

    dipsherry New Member

    i scored a really good deal on a 98 k2500 just got to tow my mud truck with and as a utilitarian vehicle around camps. I bought it with what felt like a bad master cylinder...well 5 masters later and new rear brake front calipers lines and everything else it still does the same thing....when i slowly apply the brakes they sink about half way but if i mash on them it locks up no problem and stops feels like there is air in the lines but i have bled 8 quarts through it with no air coming out.....

    other than that i love it it rides good was just to small for me last night i did aal and body lift and put 37" humvee tires on here is a pic the day i got it 10-22-12 and a pic now 11-3-12


    that day one stock
  2. ChevyBoy2009

    ChevyBoy2009 Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    brake booster?
  3. dipsherry

    dipsherry New Member

    here is how she sits now not so soccer momish lol...

    I have replaced the hydroboost system from another suburban with the jb7 setup from my yard (i work at a scrap yard) and i still have the same problems...its starting to drive me crazy
  4. Billy D

    Billy D Rockstar

    My 98 the brakes suck period. They are sponge like and you have to really s,ash them to stop somewhat fast. They're just not equipped with enough brake system in my opinion. Rear drums on a tank sized vehicle is outdated even in 98. I think the brake systems were improved in 99 or 00.
  5. Pikey

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    Welcome to GMTC! Nice looking truck. I have an 05 yukon xl. The hydroboost went out. Something was leaking inside. They put a new one on under warranty. I worked great for about a week. Then the pedal got really hard to press and the powersteering pump was getting louder and louder. The guy that installed it ran it with low and foaming fluid in the pump. I found tons of metal shavings in the power steering fluid. The gear box is also new. I flushed the ps system and it helped a small amount. I put a new ps pump on and now the brakes are great again. When you installed the hydrobooster did you change the PS pump out? The reman companies say that a truck with hydroboost and a truck without take the same part. But, GM says that they take different ps pumps. The one for the hydroboost supposedly puts out more PSI. Did you change the master cylinder over to the one from the hydroboost truck? The hydroboost push rod my not be engaging the old master cylinder correctly if that is what is still on there. I know that there was a different master for the vacuum actuated and the hydro. I am just trying to throw ideas out there.
  6. dipsherry

    dipsherry New Member

    the p/s pump makes sense mine is making a quite a bit of noise. I never linked the 2 together even though the brakes work off the p/s pump....i didnt do a swap from a vaccum brake truck to a hydroboost truck. i am just at a loss i guess the p/s pump will get changed tonight then we will see

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