New chevy wheel locks-designed and made by a police officer- incredible!

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    http://WWW.ARMORWHEELLOCKS.COM I am the Police Officer that Designed and Made the most incredible GM wheel lock you will ever see. Please check out my wheel locks. MOST INCREDIBLE WHEEL LOCKS FOR GM TRUCKS AND SUV'S. It withstood a shotgun blast at 5 yards. I bet someone has had their wheels stolen or knows someone that has had their wheels stolen. As a Police Officer, I got tired of writing reports on stolen wheels so I invented a super wheel lock. Special Thanks to for letting me post this on the website. My Locks have been out on the market for two weeks and I am getting calls from News stations wanting interviews. This lock is Huge guys. BOWTIE for life!! I wear two!!
    Thank you!
    Armor Lock Inc.

    Long Summary- Everyone knows that every wheel lock on the market today can be taken off with an everyday socket; all a theft has to do is tap a socket over the factory wheel lock. Very easy to do, it takes about 5 seconds to get off. I made a master key to fit GM wheel locks in 20 seconds in my garage. In addition, if you have a "wheel lock" a thief can take all the other lug nuts off and grab the wheel and break off the existing stud. Once again, it’s very easy to do. The thief can also break your window and get your wheel key from your glove box.
    The Armor Lock Security Plate is made up of an extremely high strength material. They also use this material to make weapons. (Shatter resistant) With that said; the Armor Lock Security plate eliminates all access to the lug nuts and restricts the simple ability to tap a socket onto your wheel lock. I shot the 5 oz. plate with a 12 gauge shotgun at 5 yards and did very little damage, I have beat the hell out it by hitting it with a 25lb sledge hammer (took some damage from the hammer, but didn’t shatter), ran over it with a tractor (Nothing), a folk lift (Nothing), a truck (Nothing), shot it (Light peppering), you name it. It took me over a 1 ½ years to find the right high grade material for the Armor Lock Security Plate. It also comes with an unreal hide a key system. Guys, I have taken a lot of stolen wheel reports with owners having "wheel locks". (They simply don’t work!) It took me four years to make damn sure you have a superior lock!
    I have been to a lot of GM Dealerships and they will tell you the same thing about factory locks. You want to keep your wheels on your truck or SUV? Then get Armor Lock. Watch the videos and it will answer your questions.

    Thanks guys!
    Armor Lock Inc.
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    Not sure why but when I click on product Info the website locks up on me..

    Ok I got in.. It says that some content was not delivered securely. so in order to select the installation videos you have to select No twice on being able to view all content.

    Nice little invention there. A bit pricey for me but I guess in areas that want your wheels its a worthwhile investment. Nice touch with the magnet to hide the key. Its funny I remember anytime I had locks the key was in the glovebox or center console. But if the crook took as much time to find it as I had to then they werent getting away fast. Usually buried at the bottom of a bunch of crap.:lol:
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    Thank you for the heads up. Please try it again.

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    :sign0016:To The Site, and Thank You for the Video's showing your Armor Wheel Lock Product, a few years Back, someone tried to Steal my Wheels(Pictured Below)they had all of the Wheels Lug Nuts off, except the Single Wheel Lock I had on each Wheel, and this was done with my Silverado Parked in my Driveway........for me this is a Excellent Investment in preventing my Wheels from be stolen....I will be buying your Armor Wheel Locks.....
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    Nice product Were you out at SEMA with it? Talk to Keystone?


    Great Feedback! Thank you! Curious? What would you pay for a set of these wheel locks? Anyone in your family have these wheels?

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    Nah, I wasn't at SEMA this time. I'm shooting for it this year maybe. As far as Keystone? Nah, They would just buy it wholesale from me and raise the price on the common guy. Inventing something like this is a lot like building our trucks.......spend a ton of money and time on them and you make sure no one drives it. (grin) After a year of testing and stuff, we just launched it two weeks ago. Hell, this is my first post. The wheel locks today crack me up though. Thank you for the feedback.

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    Thank you! Great feedback! Sweet Truck!

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