New Class of Engine May reshape auto Industry

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Dirty Dog, May 5, 2012.

  1. Dirty Dog

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    :glasses: Hey all I thought maybe you might like to discuss the new turbo four cylinder Diesels..... Ford and GM are leading the way here in north american autos.... But the europeans have been at it for years,, and so have the heavy Iron makers here in north america, like John Deer, case, Cat, etc.
    I have been working on these power plants for over twenty years and have often wondered why they were never used in the auto industry, they most definitely have the power. I have a few three wheel drive cutting units here the cut 84" swath and they never lose ground up inclines or in heavy going and the same plant runs large units as well...
    so now with the new updated technology in transmissions, and direct high pressure injections, and computers ,, this little power house of a engine has finally made it into the auto forum.....
    Check out the new 2.0 litter in the Buick Regal its pumping 275 horsepower and 295 torque and getting 27-mpg.... and a new one is going into the new caddy.......
    Its been a long time coming......
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    In the Navy we used to use weapons loaders with Wisconson Diesels, the power output wasnt anything to brag about (36hp max output) but after you run it through a reduction gear box you'd think you were controlling a 1000hp monster.
    They impressed me enough so that when I built my Toyota rock crawler my first engine was a Perkins Marine Diesel with a divorced trans and dual "T" cases, unfortunately I discovered these engines #1 dont run well upside down and #2 are hard to find parts for when you do manage to destroy them, which I've been told is very hard to do.
    I now run a YanMar Marine Turbocharged Super 4+4 4cyl 4ltr with water and propane injection pushing 275mhp through a reduction case, TH400 trans, and dual "T" cases, couldnt tell you the HP at the wheels but I do know it has enough torque to twist both axle shafts on a Dana Pro Rock 60 into pretzles.
  3. Dirty Dog

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    that rock crawler sounds SWEET!!!!! I have three Yanmar's here and a few perkins as well,, the Yanmars push 11 feet of reels and have more power then i can put to the Hydraulic pump and charge pump.. they run full rpm 8 to 10 hours a day, and only ever have to do the regular maintenance on them they are rock solid, power plants.... and the perkins swims ,,,, lmao but maybe I will tell that story in the good day to get stuck thread .....

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