New Denali 2500HD, what can it tow?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by mac26s, Jan 12, 2012.

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    I'm new to HD trucks. I'm thinking I should have gotten a 3500HD instead of a 2500 HD Diesel.

    I'm a retired water environmental engineer. My wife and I are exploring the West w/ a 5000 lb Travel Trailer wet, very light. I got the HD Diesel so I could move up to a 5th wheel. The HD Diesel is overkill for my light trailer.

    I grew up an only child in Rock Island IL. I learned to love the out doors on family vacations and w/ the Boy Scouts.

    My home base is Tampa area, a long way from the West. May full time RV or move West.

    I'm ready to move up to a 5th wheel and was impressed that GMC said I could tow a 14,700 lb 5th wheel w/ my 2011 2500HD Diesel 4x4. Now I'm confused w/ the cargo capacity (door says 2400 lbs) and GVWR of 10000 lbs. My wife, me and a 5th wheel hitch will weigh 400 lbs. No way I'm going to find a 5th wheel w/ a pin weight of 2000 lbs when wet that will meet my needs/wants.

    The mid- profile 5er I'm intered in has a pin weight of 1970 lbs dry, a dry weight of 9700 lbs w/ a GVWR of 13700 lbs. I figure I may load it w/ 2000 lbs for a total of 11,700 lbs, way under the 14700 lbs per GMC. BUT the pin weight is going to be over the 2000 lbs when loaded up.

    Is the insurance adjuster going to say "Sorry, you exceed the 'cargo capacity' and thus are on your own"? My attorney will say "We were well below GMC's spec for a 5th wheel." AND "Cargo capacity does not apply to 'pin weight' because it has brakes and 'cargo' does not. Who's going to win?
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    That is one SWEET OUTSTANDIG truck you have.
    Welcome to the Club!

    Have a look at this website...
    So to help you out... from your owners manual for the 2500 hd page 10-54
    Curb Weight: The weight of a motor vehicle with standard and optional equipment including the maximum capacity of fuel, oil, and coolant, but without passengers and cargo.
    Your curb weight for Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 4WD is 7456#
    max payload is 2545#
    GVWR is 10000# ( yes I know it adds up to an extra pound) your truck must never be over this number.

    So I guess you already new that. But the posted numbers you quoted are from your door and when one is pulled over and the local enforcement place a scale under each tire and the 4 numbers can't exceed what is posted on the door for GVWR or individual axle rating.
    Looking at the 3500 SRW would have gained you 1500# of payload.

    IMHO if you were stopped and you are over you could/would be charged. IMHO if you were the cause/ in an accident and you are proven to be over the weight posted on that sticker you would be charged. And if you are charged I'm sure the insurance people won't be to supportive. This is my opinion and I have no experience with this nor have I called my insurance to ask! (nor will I as I do not raise any flags with them)
    I pull a 9000# travel trailer and are a member of a Trailer forum and this topic is well discussed and there are lots of opinions on this. Send me a Private Message (PM) and I will let you know what trailer forum I belong to.

    The best thing is to see what the scales actually say. If at all possible see if it is possible to get the potential trailer on a set of scales with a truck or best case your truck! Scales are your best friend when actually knowing what your set up actually is.

    Here is the link to a Trailer forum towing section!

    Happy Trailering.
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    Welcome to the site! That's funny because I grew up in the Northwest and spent a lot of time on the west coast. Then I got older and moved east! Good luck on your travels and I think that if you're under the posted towing limit for the GMC then you have nothing to worry about. People do it all the time.
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    Welcome to the G M T C !

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