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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by blueZ71, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. blueZ71

    blueZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I put in some new front door speakers today on my 2000 silverado 1500 series ext cab and what a difference over factory! They sound nice up to a point and then become extremely distorted and it sounds like someone is clapping in your ears during the loud bass notes.

    Now, they are Alpine SPR-17S and are rated for 110 watts RMS each, I'm currently pushing 100 watts RMS to each with a Pioneer GM-X374 amplifier in 2 channel bridged mode. I definitely should not be overpowering them so what the crap is going on?!

    I'm pulling the backseat off tomorrow to mess with the amp and hopefully fix this. I assume things to play with are gain controls and the passover? I figure since within a week or two I wll have some subs in that I should turn on the High Frequency Filter (only send higher frequencies to door) to keep the door speakers from trying to hit those low notes and blow themselves to poo?
  2. blueZ71

    blueZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I hate shooting around in the dark so I guess I'll just follow up with this incase anyone else has similar problems in the future. I turned on the high pass filter to prevent the speakers from trying to hit the low bass notes which solved the distortion when I cranked up the volume. I also ran rca patch cables from the head unit for a sub so I didn't have to tear everything apart again once I put another amp and subs in, I plugged these patch cables into the third and fourth channel of the amplifier (which I was attempting to run in bridged 2 channel mode) which little did I know was preventing it from running in bridged mode! I unplugged these and immediately my speakers doubled in loudness (as it switched in 2 channel mode.) I actually ended up turning up the gain controls and I swear to god these speakers are the BEST investment I have made thus far. They maintain clarity up to an eardrum popping level and I would recommend a set of these to anyone.
  3. Marcus

    Marcus Rockstar

    I just put some alpine premier speakers in my front doors because the drivers side was blown and they sound great. Can't wait to do some more!
  4. cascott325

    cascott325 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    i have the same set you have, but i dont have them on an amp which i need to do. any suggestions?
  5. ippielb

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    Sounds convincing. The front speakers in my truck every time when there's bass sounds like it's blown. But when it's really cold in my truck it doesn't do it? Weird.
  6. blueZ71

    blueZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yea I think it's quite a sound investment (no pun intended..) Dealercostcaraudio has more than taken care of me and I believe they have the best price for those speakers as it stands. I had them price match some kenwood subs and it took them almost 10 days to ship them out (the door speakers got to me in two days), I sent them an email complaining and got a gift certificate for 10 dollars off my next order.

    Only recommendations I have are make absolutely sure you have that high pass filter on so those little 6.5 inch speakers aren't trying to reproduce sounds intended for 10 or 12 inch subwoofers. And get as close to 110 RMS watts (@ 4 ohms) to each speaker as you can, because they can handle it for darn sure.
  7. kaiah723

    kaiah723 Rockstar

    make sure the polarities arent crossed, that could cause ur problem. you can also blow a speaker from underpowering it. if the polarities aren't crossed u have to just play with the gain and high low pass settings on the amp. that should fix the problem. for door speakers i recomend you keep as much bass out of them as possible. if u want alot of bass you need a sub.
  8. ct9a

    ct9a Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Glad to see you got it all sorted out. I need to replace the speakers in my 'burb, the fronts are blown and the rears can't keep up with the subs. And I listen to country!
  9. SQSilverado

    SQSilverado New Member

    In my experience I have always had my amp set on full range. If you keep it on high pass you are sending a higher freq. than what the woofer of the 6.5" can handle and over time it will ruin the speaker. Good Luck
  10. blueZ71

    blueZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ha it's funny kaiah723 and SQSilverado have almost opposite recommendations on the sending of low bass frequencies to door speakers.. I don't mean to contradict or call out anyone but in my search for the solution I actually called alpine tech support because I was hearing all that distortion when I turned them up. According to the tech support rep, alpine recommends turning on the high pass filter as 6.5" speakers aren't designed to displace large amounts of air (which is what bass is) and attempting to will eventually blow out the outer surrounds of the speaker. The tech basicaly said why would amplifiers have a low or high pass filter feature built in if they were not meant to be used? Low frequencies = subwoofers and high frequencies = tweeters, anything inbetween = door speakers

    kaiah723 I'm pretty sure I don't have the polarities crossed as that basicaly makes the speakers counteract each other. One pushes out while the other pushes in if the polarites are crossed, causing general quiteness as no matter how loud you turn up the speakers the soundwaves just cancel each other out bc one speaker produces the opposite soundwaves of the other. And I'm definitely not underpowering them.. Ive only got 10 RMS watts below the max.

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