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    Well I'm new to this forum but not to browseing the boards. I am also a member at a forum for ltx based and swapped vehicles and which is a local group of fbody enthusiast.

    I currently live in Hampton, Va. but I'm a native Texan born and raised. I live with my 2 daughters 2 and almost 5 and my wife who is currently prego with my first son. I do a veriety of things at my job mostly commercial roofing from rubber to spray foam and when the weather is too bad to roof I also do asbestos abatement. when im not working i spend time with my family or working on building my 94 camaro. As a family we like to watch alot of tv series from True Blood to Sons of Anarchy and many in between. My camaro is a slow project mostly due to money lol. Currently in the process of a Lloyd Elliot ported stock heads and custom grind cam LT1 m6 build along with a major weight reduction and firebird dash swap.

    As for my truck it is a single cab 8' bed Chevy 2500 4x4 TBI350 and 700r4. Has a 3" body lift with 33" all terrains and a brush gaurd. Although its probably no ideal I use it as a daily driver. Its a beater but even with 215k miles it doesnt miss or smoke. The trans is losing reverse but I was able to aquire a fresh rebuilt 700r4 with the truck just need to swap it in. For any easy 1000 bucks i couldnt pass on it and ironically I bought it from the same guy that sold me my Z28.

    Other than the trans the issues are/were pretty minor. It had a power steering leak which i think i fixed today with the good used hoses the previous owner included in the sale. The radiator hose that goes from the driver side to the intake manifold had been cut short due to a leak and was bungie corded tp clear the altinator but he also included a brand new one that istalled today. The worst and most obvious while driving issue is the passenger side upper ball joint is shot and make cornering a pia. The last some what major issue is the abs module is shot and the brakes aren't up to par.

    I've been browsing the local craiglist and parts seem to be fairly cheap to come by for these old trucks so I will be deal hunting as soon as i get the wifes car ready for inspection and can free up some extra dollars.

    Well I hope to find some good knowledge and also contribute as best I can here.
    Thanks for reading,
    Chris Kerr

    I will add pics from my phone since I cant seem to get them from my phone to the computer lol.
  2. Smoke Em All

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    Here's a couple of my 96 trans am I just got rid of.
    As soon as I get a chance I will post up my Z28
  3. Smoke Em All

    Smoke Em All Member

    And the only pic of my z I could find for the moment.

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    Welcome to the site. You look like an old pro for sure.
  5. the phantom

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    Welcome to the club!! I want that truck!!!! Im looking for a 95 because here in NY if you have a 96 or newer they have to plug into the computer and all the sensors have to be working and no engine light can be on. 95 and older doesnt matter. Well it seems impossible to keep the engine light off vehicles after about 6-7 years. a 95 2500 would be perfect for me for plowing and a winter truck.. Anyways I have to get rid of another vehicle before I find my 95..
  6. Smoke Em All

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Far from a pro but I come from a long line of people too broke to pay people to work on there cars so we have DIY mentality lol. Fortunately for me having places like this in the palm of my hand gives me the ability to troubleshoot much easier and faster than my predecessors LOL.
  7. Smoke Em All

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    Oddly enough even with the high mileage and being 18 yrs old the check engine light never stays on. It will pop on every now and then but goes tight back off.
  8. Smoke Em All

    Smoke Em All Member

    BTW if anyone would kindly point to a thread about electric fan swap on these model trucks I'd greatly appreciate it. I did a search but searching threads thru tapatalk doesn't always work well LOL. I have an extra set of electric fans left from my trans am part out and was interested if they would work.
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