New Front Wheel Hub Assembly.... Maybe?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by lqvision, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. lqvision

    lqvision New Member

    Newbee here!
    I have an 03 silverado 1500, 2wd, single cab, 4.8L v8, automatic, etc.
    last night while driving i started hearing a thumping noise coming from the end. today it got worse. it increases with speed. also turning the steering wheel to right it stops, but turning to the left it gets louder. while driving 70mph and pushing on the brakes hard it stops then after like 2 seconds it starts again. now the sound is getting louder and turning the steering wheel to the left there is a like squealing sound(like metal on metal). a few people have told me that it sounds like its the hub assembly. how do i check to see if that is the problem? and just want to hear what you guys think.
    thank you so much
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  2. Chevyboy96

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    Can you tell what side it is coming from? Have you looked at it, maybe something loose?
  3. lqvision

    lqvision New Member

    it coming from the drivers side. if it is the hub assembly im just going to replace both at the same time. im getting started right now
  4. lqvision

    lqvision New Member

    the right front hub was bad so i replaced it and replaced the left front as well just because. thank you for your help
  5. Stealth

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    all better then?

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