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New fuel pump buzzing noise

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by palmer_df0130, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. cjohnson1988

    cjohnson1988 New Member

    Funny thing, I bought my first FPR online for cheap (delphi), because the original was leaking; it was after that my truck started making noise. I thought because it was cheap, aftermarket, and the last thing i replaced that it was the cause; so i Sprung full retail at my local GM dealer for the oem part (ACDELCO). THE DELPHI AND THE ACDELCO FPR LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. I installed the part and the noise persisted. It was a month or two later of living with this embarrassingly loud noise(28.F up here in Canada) that i replaced the fuel rails. immediately noticeable results (I could shake the fuel rails and hear a rattling inside).
  2. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    Did you replace both rails or just the drivers side one?
  3. cjohnson1988

    cjohnson1988 New Member

    I replaced both: It stood to reason that if one fuel rail was constructed a certain way, the other should be the same and might suffer the same affliction (found to be the case after the fact). I stopped in at 'Pick-n-Pull' (no advertising intended) and removed both fuel rails as one piece (minus injectors as would be billed). The damage: $17 plus tax; no guarantee that's what you will be billed, but for around that price, it's worth a gamble. beats the hell out of $170+.
  4. bazar01

    bazar01 Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    Glad I read your post before I spend on a dealer FPR. It's a little steep for over $100 from the dealer.

    So you are saying there are baffles that can break inside the fuel rails? I wonder how the baffles can break when I just replaced the FPR. I can swear that the vibration is from the FPR because I can feel it when I touched the metal housing.
  5. cjohnson1988

    cjohnson1988 New Member

    No idea what happens, just sharing experience and observations on my own vehicle; I have not dis-assembled fuel rails as of yet. If I find something out later on, i will post findings.
  6. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    Ok, I will be getting a new fuel pump from Amazon under warranty. The email I received from Delphi in response to the FPR vibration/buzzing is due to a fuel pressure problem. The pump I am getting ready to replace fixed the noise for the last 7 months and I will see if this new one will do it for good. I will let you all know how it works out. Estimated delivery is Monday and will hopefully get it in that night and will see if it makes noise after sitting over night. Crossing my fingers.
  7. cjohnson1988

    cjohnson1988 New Member

    Fuel Rail assembly
    Retainer. NOTE: the fuel rail was never meant to be dis-assembled; this is merely destructive investigation.
    rail with end cap prior to removal
    rail with end cap and baffle removed
    baffle and source of noise. part is flat and isolators keep suspended in rail
    end cap
    wear indicates baffle was hammering on end cap.
  8. Scottg

    Scottg New Member

    99 Silverado buzzing

    I have the exact same problem on my 99 Silverado. Have tried both aftermarket FPRs and AC Delco with the same results. Both have the buzzing and vibrate the fuel line. Its not the fuel pump making the sound. I can feel the FPR vibrating with the truck running, and it stops when I remove the vacuum line from the FPR. Truck runs great but the buzzing is very annoying. This also only occurs when the outside temp falls below approx 50-60 degrees. Does not happen when the weather is warmer. Mechanic says its fuel pump but I'm skeptical. Your posts state its the fuel rails. Can you confirm that was the problem? Please let me know. Much appreciated.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  9. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    Scottg, I wound up putting the cheaper BWD FPR that I had in it orginally before the new fuel pump and Delphi FPR and it has been good since. Not sure if it will fix your issue or you might have to go with the new fuel rails as mentioned in this post. Let us know if you get it fixed.
  10. Scottg

    Scottg New Member

    I appreciate your quick response. Going to check the fuel pressure first to see if the pump is good. If not, I'll go after the fuel rails. Will let you know what I find.

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