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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by JCC, Apr 23, 2009.

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    How doo, I'm JCC from Eastern MA. My truck is an '82 Chevy (actually not much of it is really an '82 - I am sure of the power brake booster, one parking lamp assembly, and the cab sheetmetal). The engine is a 1966 Buick 425 bored to 431. Tranny is a Raptor THM 700R4. I have been doing the conversion since June of 2008, and I am hoping to drive it home tomorrow.
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    Welcome to the site, JCC! Sounds like a great '86 you have there!

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    Welcome to the site!! Sounds like a neat project you got going on there
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    Where in Mass are you?
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    Beginning to get my feet wet here

    Thanks to those who replied to my initial post. The truck did make it the 35 miles from the shop to home, although not running as well as I would like. The truck was formerly a Diesel, and I know I didn't get all of the Diesel fuel out of the system.
    A couple of tanks of premium fuel should improve things a lot. Someone asked where in Mass. I live. The town is Medway. A (now orphan) Pontiac guy from Zurich jumped in. It's been 14 years since I visited your city. I spent a couple of nights in Oerlikon, and remember the little blue trams. I also saw my first "on the road" Dodge Viper in Switzerland. A beautiful country. And very clean. More later.
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