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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Kady, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Kady

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    Sooo, My name is Kady, I'm 20 years old, and I live in Massachusetts. I have a 96 Suburban 2500, and a C1500 Pick up. Anything else ya wanna know, just ask. I'm not too sure whatelse I'm supposed to put here.


    Ok, I'll start with the beater first. its a Red 92 C1500, 2wd, 4.3, [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Single [COLOR=blue! important]Cab[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] [​IMG]
    , Long bed, W/T model. I bought it to haul the dirtbikes around, so I really didn't do much to it.. It needed an [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]exhaust[/COLOR][/COLOR] [​IMG]
    , so I replaced it from the manifold back, eliminating the cat. And that's how it sits now. I was gonna make it a project truck, lower it, put some decent wheels and tires on it, get new nose clip and black out the windows. I've just been lazy..

    Then I have my 96 Burb 2500, 4wd, 5.7, Its black / Pewter two tone, i painted the girll black to match the truck, tinted the windows to 13%, put wheels from an 04 HD with BF Goodrich All Terrains, 10k HID kit. I'm picking up a strobe kit this weekend for it. This summer, when its warm enough for me to take my motorcycle to work, I plan on lifting it and getting some wheels and [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]tires[/COLOR][/COLOR] [​IMG]
    . I haven't decided how big I want to go yet. I use my [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]truck[/COLOR][/COLOR] [​IMG]
    for work and it may be difficult to do so with a huge lift. So I might just do 2 or 3 inch blocks in the back, torsion keys in the front, and get hummer wheels with some 33's. I heard only minor fender trimming would be needed for that. I also have a 3" cowl hood on the way as well. And that's about it for now
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  2. dwill3015

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    Welcome to the site!
  3. cascott325

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    welcome to gmtc
  4. 1st Synthetics

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    Welcome to GMTC. I like your avatar
  5. tlperry68

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    Welcome to the site.
  6. brownpridex111

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    welcome to the site!!!
  7. Kady

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    Thanks, I have plenty more where that came from..
  8. TrailLeadr

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    Hey Kady,

    Welcome to the club. Always nice to have another heavy duty burb owner among the ranks.
    Fill out a signature with your truck info, and feel free to brag about your Chevy's.:great:
    Have you done any modifications, or have any plans to?
  9. Kady

    Kady Epic Member 5+ Years GMTC Chick 100 Posts

    will do.. and hey. you're not too far from me.
  10. Springthing

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    Welcome to the GMTC.

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