New GMC owner Virgina Beach VA

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Sierraowner5.3, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    hi there everyone. i stumbled across this site researching a check engine code, and decided to join after lurking for a few days. glad to be a member and see ya out there.

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  2. jbjohnson92f

    jbjohnson92f New Member

    welcome to the club
  3. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    dumb question, my pic of my truck isn't showing in my sig for me, can you guys see it?
  4. Als09Sierra

    Als09Sierra New Member

    Welcome to the site. Don't see your sig pic.
  5. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber New Member

    Welcome to the site!
  6. stephan

    stephan New Member

    Yep I can see it (Sat 11:20 A.M.) so you must have gotten it fixed. Welcome to the club...
  7. retired2001

    retired2001 New Member

    Welcome to the G M T C !
  8. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    Welcome aboard!
  9. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

    Welcome to the Club!! Nice lookin' truck....great color too!
  10. Blacksheep1

    Blacksheep1 New Member

    Welcome lots of cool stuff on here

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