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    Welcome to our newest sponsor, Total Load Control.

    The website is and here's some background from their website.

    Total Load Control is the patented aftermarket air suspension system with two 9-inch, dual convoluted Goodyear® Super-Cushion® air springs located below the frame above the rear axle. When it comes to air springs, bigger is better and only TLC uses 9" air springs (for Dodge RAM 1500 & Chevy/GMC 1500).

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    TLC John will be here to answer your questions about their products.
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    Transform Your Truck™ with Total Load Control™ Independent Air Suspension!

    We're excited to join for the new year!

    Total Load Control™ Independent Air Suspension transforms your truck: TLC™ makes your truck handle like a sports car - ride like a passenger car - and safely haul or tow any legal load - and always be level.

    TLC is the result of years of research and is patented. TLC uses the largest air springs ever used on a 1/2-ton truck - 9" dual convoluted.

    The secret is TLC's patented independent suspension design mounts the air springs directly over the axle and the air springs are free to inflate and deflate on demand.* TLC doesn't interfere with the factory suspension - instead it dramatically improves your truck's performance.

    If you haul or tow heavy loads - your truck will always be level. TLC improves handling and steering and prevents fishtailing. TLC keeps the front tires on the road for better braking. If you're tired of washboard roads or a rough ride, TLC smoothes the ride and virtually eliminates washboard roads.

    TLC operates at very low air pressures - 5-10 lbs for unloaded driving - and 15-20 psi levels most loads - so TLC air springs remain flexible to improving the ride in virtually all conditions.

    If you want to return to your factory suspension, you can do that too (although our once you've tried TLC, you'll never want to drive without it engaged).

    TLC is a bolt-on system - no drilling required. You can even remove and use on your future truck.

    We currently offer a 30-day money back guarantee - try it and see! And we warranty our air springs for 7 years!

    We have models in stock for 07-12 Silverado/Sierra 1500. We also currently offer custom-made models for 99-06 1500 and 99-12 2500.

    There are other air suspensions - some less expensive, some much more expensive - but nothing performs like TLC at any price!

    Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions and visit our website: or send me an email:

    * - Optional Air Compressor sold separately. TLC can be used with manual air added.

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