New Guy Here!!! 07 Silverado Crew Cab Desert brown NBS

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Johnson8537, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Johnson8537

    Johnson8537 New Member

    Hi Guys...
    I just wanted to say hi and introducs myself....

    I just sold my Tacoma and went back to a full size truck...

    I have an 07 Silverado with 9K miles on it. 4x4 Lt2 Desert Brown Crew Cab.
    Mods so far.

    2007 Silverado Crew Cab 4x4 Lt2
    FabTech 6" Lift with 20" XD wheels on 35" Toyos
    Billet Grill, Tinted Windows, GM Bed Liner,Hypertech programer

    I need to still get the following for my truck.

    1. Nerf bars
    2. Tonneau Cover
    3. Seat Covers ( Wet Okole's)
    4. install Stereo ( Headunit and Dtnamat the doors)

    here are a few pics (I have since removed the PJM logos from the doors and replaced the passener side centercap.)
    I will take more pics soon when I get a chance!!!


    And it Barely fits in the Garage!!!!

  2. gatormike69

    gatormike69 New Member

    Nice lookin' truck. the forum... lot's of good info here...
  3. Johnson8537

    Johnson8537 New Member

    Great thanks!!! I was looking for a NBS specific forum buy couldn't find one.... :(
    I will be around lots as I love searching forums!!
  4. heavy chevy

    heavy chevy New Member

    There are a lot of nbs on here.
  5. cascott325

    cascott325 New Member

    welcome to the club. nice lookin ride
  6. bob13

    bob13 New Member

    Welcome to the site! Nice truck!
  7. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 New Member

    Awesome looking ride, I am admittedly not a fan of NNBS trucks but they look nice lifted! Welcome to the club, and I am sure you will get some good razzing about your Hypertec programmer................AMY
  8. Z71_guy

    Z71_guy New Member

    great looking truck
  9. Johnson8537

    Johnson8537 New Member

    No worries I picked it up for $125 shipped so I can't complain... I was going to do aBlack Bear tuning if I didn't get a great deal on it.. As soon as it gets here I will install it.. if i don't like it I will sell it and get a custom tune.
  10. Johnson8537

    Johnson8537 New Member

    Thanks you too... I use to have a 59 fleetside!!!
  11. ProspectorTim

    ProspectorTim New Member

    Ditto - nice looking truck!

    I'm kinda new here too - and after having strayed to the dark side for 10 years, it is almost like I'm "new" to GM too. (I bought a Dodge Ram in 1999, when the Chevy wasn't selling a diesel, *and* they tried to tell me the 6.0 was the "replacement" for the 454) What the heck is a NBS or NNBS?

    Oh yeah, if you ever plan to throw anything in the back of the truck, look for the WTW (Wheel-to-wheel) nerf bars. It makes it a WHOLE LOT easier to get stuff out of the front of the bed.

    MSgt, USAF Retired - Independent Amsoil Dealer

    2009 GMC Sierra SLT 3500HD
    Crew Cab 4X4 Duramax/Allison DRW LWB - My Photo Albums

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  12. Johnson8537

    Johnson8537 New Member

    NNBS = NOT NEW BODY STYLE ( or Classic)
    I just went and picked up some smitty biult from my local tire guys for $150
    I also ordered my Tonneau Cover ( Access Lorado)
  13. 99'HEARTBEAT

    99'HEARTBEAT Moderator

    :sign0016: To the site from Calif,Beautiful Looking Truck!!!!
  14. 1st Synthetics

    1st Synthetics New Member

    Very nice looking truck you have. Welcome to GMTC!

    Instead of nerf bars check out Rocker Pods. They would look awesome on your truck and have far more uses than any nerf bar.
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  15. acovarrubias71

    acovarrubias71 New Member

    Welcome Buddy, I got a NBS Silverado. I'll throw up some pics soon.
  16. RllyDrvr9

    RllyDrvr9 New Member

    Ex-Tacoma owner here as well.

    Haven't thought about lift or anything yet, just trying to adjust to a full-size truck again.

    Looks great!
  17. Wrench

    Wrench New Member

    nice truck man. i got the desert brown color too. its a sweet ass color.

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