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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by timmyfixit, May 4, 2010.

  1. timmyfixit

    timmyfixit New Member

    Greetings! This is my first step on my way to getting that damn "Welcome!" message from appearing at the top of the page ;)

    Up until a month ago I'd driven a '93 c3500 turbodiesel that I loved very much.. contrary to the reputation that 6.5 has had, that truck was the most dependable rig I've ever owned. Only had to replace 1 starter, 1 OPS, and a set of U-joints in over 8 years of ownership. Taken from me by a careless driver in an Expedition who thought the center turn lane was actually an on-ramp and hit me head on.

    Just replaced the truck last week with a '99 GMC Sierra 1500, ext cab 4wd with the 5.3.. Now have to learn a whole new vehicle (I actually like that part). First order of business appears to be to learn about nickle plated slip yokes and G80 clunks ;)

    Looks like a real nice forum you have here!
  2. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome aboard and congrats on your new rig and sorry to hear about your old rig.
    And you are more than welcome to send the truck to me and i can transplant the power train and the bucket seats into my truck... :lol:
  3. dsfloyd

    dsfloyd Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    welcome to the club. sorry to hear about your old rig
  4. pmartin816

    pmartin816 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the club. Congrats on the new rig.
  5. mmorgan1865

    mmorgan1865 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    :sign0016: Glad you made it through the head on OK.
  6. Eddie Z71

    Eddie Z71 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Glad to have you here!
  7. Shorty 71

    Shorty 71 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site!!
  8. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the GMTruckClub! I've known several friends that had great luck with the 6.5 diesel engines, too.
  9. timmyfixit

    timmyfixit New Member

    Kinda funny situation with the wreck.. The lady in the expedition hit a Ranger ext cab, and then hit the gas instead of the brake. She pushed him backwards about 30 yards into the traffic lane and into me. All motion stopped once they hit 6000 lbs of Chevy ;)

    Unfortunately, it doesn't take much body damage to total a 17 year old 2wd rig.

    I thought about fixing it, just needed a grill, bumper, hood and radiator (plus some very light frame work), but I've got kids now so the Ext cab makes more sense. Also like the 4wd and the tech advances with the '99. I do all my own mech work unless it requires cost prohibitive tools (alignment racks, etc), so it'll be fun learning the ins and outs of a modern-ish truck.
  10. rustyk2

    rustyk2 Rockstar 4 Years 500 Posts

    welcome,sorry about the old rig and good luck on the new one. One would think that after 120' of skreeching ranger tires, she might have thought something was amiss.

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