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    Aloha to you all! It's cold up here in Oregon today. I just now signed in as a new member to this forum.

    A little about me if that is OK in this forum: I'm pushin 50- ow, you have no idea how much that hurt... its the first time I ever said it. So today I have owned this used GMC 1500 Suburban for days. It is a 98. I bought it on auto row on Friday. It is in great shape... so far. I paid 5600.

    The dealer only gave me one key- thye book says this is the standard and that it unlocks everything- it seems to. I noted a paragraph in the Manual about Keyless Entry. I was wondering how I can tell if mine is so equipped? I would have expected a fob from the dealer along with the key; but I have since discovered that I also need a wheel cover wrench and a key for the spline locking lug nuts on the wheels. Which brings me to another question: My Suburban has these 20 inch Milanni chrome wheels all around. To me they seem to make the ride feel a little tippy. Is this me or is 20 on the high side? I don't mind riding high-I guess that mean more ground clearance?; but after I figure out how to get the wheels delugged (unlocked), I'd like to put some new tires on. Should I consider loksing the 20" Milannis and going smaller- better tire selection? What size do you guys/dolls like?

    All answers appreciated,

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  2. ProzacKid

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    :sign0016:, first off!

    Well, if that's a 98 with those rims, those are aftermarket and you'll have to work at finding a new key for the lugs. You can probably try someplace like Discount tire to see if they can help you out.

    As for the Keyless, that was probably an option on 98 and not standard, someone can give you the RPO code and you can look it up. If it's there, you can order one online and program it yourself.
  3. phoebeisis

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    Stock 235/75 15"

    My 1998 Chevy 1500 Suburban has 235/75 15 inch wheels/tires,and they are stock.Crudely measured with a tape measure they are about 27 1/4' inches tall-pretty short by current standards.
    Usually when folks go to taller wheels,they go for shorter sidewall tires to try to get the same tire/wheel height,so the vehicle won't sit higher and the odometer/speedometer will still read right.I like the looks of big wheels/short sidewalls tires, but they usually ride a bit stiffer.The Burbs are sprung pretty soft,so maybe the ride is OK.
    Show us a picture when you get a chance.
    Welcome,and good Luck,
    PS If you go back to stock size,you could probably get decent $$ for the 20's.
  4. EdPDX

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    here is the actual wheel. It is quite stunning; but I agree with the stiffer ride- it has a tire with a narrow sidewall profile. I prefer a good all season, or this time of year
    i'd like to try a Blizzak. Is the 15" really the stock on a '98?
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  5. finalday7

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    I've got some cooper at tires on my 20's and the ride is great. In my opinion just as good as stock. There's plenty of tire around the rims at the 275/55/20 and the tread pattern is great. I payed 150/ tire which is a pretty good dela as well. Check out discount tire direct. They should fit it would be close if it's a 2wd, but just give them a call.
  6. dwill3015

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    Welcome to the site! I am across the river to the North of you about an hour. After reading your post about your wheels I did some checking and I have the same splined lugs on my Suburban that I purchased from Les Schwab Tires so I went on their site and found that they sell the Milanni brand wheels as well so I bet if you stopped in to your local Les Schwab Tire store, they could help you with a center cap key as well as a lugnut tool. Depending on which tires you have, your wheel and tire combo is worth at least $2000 or more purchased new so you did not do too bad on your Suburban. I have 20" wheels on my Silverado and it does not change the ride height much taller than stock because of the low-profile tires. As far as keyless entry, if your Burb has electronic locks then I'm sure you can purchase the right fob to work with it but someone else here might have to help point you in that direction because I'm not sure how to find out which one is needed for your ride. I purchased a second fob for my Burban at the dealership and had it programmed there.
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  7. EdPDX

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    Thanks for the logic on finding the splined lugs at Les Schwab, where they also carry Milanni rims. I'd go check them out; but I live in Portland, and there are no Les Schwabs here in Oregon.

    I did find an answer on the Keyless Entry though. It seems there is a code listed on the decal in the Glove Box. The -digit code for Keyless Entry equipment is "AU0" (ZERO) I have it, so I will look omline to buy a fob or two.

    Just kidding about Les Schwab:mdr:- where I live you cant swing a dead cat without hitting a Les Schwab shop. I'll check them out.
  8. 84fiero123

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    Welcome aboard. [​IMG]
  9. MrShorty

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    My '98 has a set of those locking lug nuts, too. When they installed them, they put a sticker inside the glove box with the manufacturer (Gorrilla, in my case) and the key code that you need to order a replacement socket. If the person who put the locking lugs on yours did the job right, I expect you should find a similar sticker with the information you'll need to get a replacement key.

    Stock size on my K1500 was 16 inches. It's possible a C1500 may have had 15 inch wheels stock. What's listed on the door sticker?

    What kind of wrench do you need for the cover? Most of them that I've seen either have a simple philips screwdriver head or an allen head (5 mm wrench size seems common).

    :confused: I had to laugh at this (sorry). Les Schwab bought his first tire store in Prineville (just east of the Cascades along US26), and I believe the corporate headquarters is still there. If you're in Portland, Or (or just about anywhere in the NW), then there's a Les Schwab somewhere near you. Go to for a store locator. Or, for that matter, go to whatever tire store you like -- it's not like les schwab is the only one selling these things. Though, if you don't have that sticker identifying the lug nut manufacturer/key code, they may only be able to split the nuts and replace them.
  10. dwill3015

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    :lol: I was going to say, Les Schwab seems to be in competition with 7-Eleven and Circle K for city corners in the Portland area.:rofl:

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