New guy with Xtreme questions.

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  1. 911JB

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    Hello all, new guy to the forums here with a few questions about the S10 Xtreme . I am looking at buying a 01 S10 Xtreme , I have one located and went and looked at it last night. Only a few issues with it [dash lights and a slight shake in the rear end, but I believe that is because the truck was buried in a snow bank for the last 2 months and the rims are full of ice] . Anyway, with only 102,000 miles on the clock , no rust on the body and very few dings in the body I think this is the one for me.
    Well like many I was doing my online homework about this truck and noticed that not all of these trucks have hood scoops on them. So my question is, is there one style hood that is the most common? Also, I noticed that this truck has two different style rims on it. Is either of these rims correct for this year/model? Or are they both wrong?
    Thanks in advance for any help with these questions.



  2. BurbanMan

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    [MENTION=63100]95_5spd[/MENTION] has one. What happened to the original 16's? Those are 15's from a regular ol s10. The hood is aftermarket. Looms real good though
  3. 911JB

    911JB New Member

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Thanks for the response Burbanman. I wondered about both the hood and tires myself. The dealer told me that the Xtreme package came with that hood and those wheels. I guess another owner must have added those items.[/FONT]
    I had to drive 200 miles round trip to look at this truck last night and did test drive it, but with the dash lights being out and the blizzard conditions we had here in Iowa , I did not want to go very far. It did drive pretty good though. I just wonder if it is still worth $3,500 since the rims/tires and hood are altered.
  4. BurbanMan

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    if it's clean enough, I'd offer him $2800 for it and see what he says. The dash lights could be as easy as a blown fuse. Getting the correct wheels however will cost between $400-$600

    Here is what the truck is SUPPOSED to look like as it came from the factory. Of course, this is a step side. The one your looking at is the fleet side version. You can also look at the tire placard to see the correct tire size as well.

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  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    Also those lights being out could be hiding something under the hood Be warned...
  6. 95_5spd

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    Yea like stated the things wrong on it are those wheels for sure and the hood. The hood is a nice touch but it is aftermarket. Wheels are totally wrong. The back ones are considered "swirls" and the front ones I forget what package they would come with. They are s10 wheels though. The factory wheels on the truck above are gonna cost you if you want a real nice set. But, you can always find someone with part trucks and junkyards if you're lucky to find an xtreme sitting in one. Craigslist. Places like that.

    The dash lights could be something small or big. Electrical stuff can go either way and can be very tough to track down. Again not a major problem, my trucks lights stay on all the time. Running lights are supposed to be on during day/when switch is off. All my lights just stay on even with the headlight switch turned off.

    But back to this truck, definitely not worth that price. Offer 2,500 only cause the mileage it has. And extended cab is awesome for space. Not sure what the shaking is but that could even be as simple as bad tires/unbalanced. Flat spot in them from sitting a while like you said it was.

    If it runs good, it does have nice paint and all the body kit is there and looks to be in nice shape then shoot him an offer.

    Good luck. Update us what happens.

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