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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by sstoner911, May 19, 2011.

  1. sstoner911

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    I got my Halo Projectors from Spyder Auto....I only got one installed because I had taken the low beam out of one to see what type of bulb it was so I could get the HID bulbs for them. Long story short...when i placed the 2 small screws and the metal ring that holds the bulbs in place in the empty box while I installed the other light...a gust of wind sent the box down the dirt road and I lost those now I am waiting for the replacement from Spyder!

    So at any rate here is some photos....
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Very nice... When the HID's are in keep an eye on the lens...
  3. Als09Sierra

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    Nice lights. It'll look even better when the second one is in, although I kind of like the look. :)
  4. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Yeah make sure you keep an eye on the len's and inside of the projector's from what i've heard they will melt the projector's plastic in the inside. I have projector's also i think i'm just gonna put some better bulb's in mine most likely some blue Halogen bulbs there not quite as bright as projector's but they are way better than stock also. How much did you pay for your projector's? I paid $390 for mine but mine are allot different and have 2 halo ring's on each headlight along with 3 led lights in between them with 6 led lights on the outside but sure you got a good cheap price on your's look's good buddy here's a pic: View attachment 27546
  5. sstoner911

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    Mine have CCFL Rings around the Low and high beam with LED lights that run down the side. I called Spyder directly and ordered them....$230 Shipped. I ordered them Thursday and had them Tuesday. They are out of California. I have the salesmans name and number if anyone is interested.

    According to the manufacture I can use a 35 watt HID and be ok with nothing melting....we will know next week! The install was not hard...just time consuming.

    I had to take off the top plastic part that covers the radiator. I only removed the 4 bolts for the grill on the top so I could pull it back slightly. There is one bolt on the bottom out side of the stock light housing. To remove that bolt I took off the 2 screws that hold the bottom trim piece between the grill and bumper. I didnt remove the trim completely, just to the bottom of the light housing as there are clips on the bottom of light housing that the trim snaps in to.

    The first light took about an hour to install and put it all back together....
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  7. Rockstarrchevy81

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    oh okay sounds like a good deal man

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