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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by TALL HD, Nov 28, 2010.

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    ok so iv got a 7" touch i want to replace my old HU with. i have the bose amplified speaker system. i know it needs a wiring harness but iv read lots of reviews where some worked perfect and then others had terrible sound quality. i dont know whether to take it to a sound shop and let them do it and charge me a lot..or to try the wiring harness thing..or just hardwire it (wouldnt this short out or somthing?). i dont use my onstar anyways. i want to keep my steering wheel controls also and i still want to keep the door/warning chimes but doesnt really matter to me to lose those or not. this is what i need but i dont want to spend that kinda money and get horrible sound quality. so what do you guys think?? thanks

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    When I put my head unit in my '03 Av, I got the Metra GMOS-04 from Crutchfield. Easy install and it worked great for about 8 hours, then the adapter shorted out and wouldnt work. So instead of sending it back and getting another one that will most likely do the same thing, I just direct-wired my head unit. I lost the warning chimes function (which I didnt really car about) and the delayed shut off of the head unit (which I also didn't care about)...

    Here are the parts of the Metra GMOS-04 that I DID NOT use:


    This is the part that I "customized"... I only used the part of the adapter that had the plug that goes to the factory harness, leaving me all the bare wires I needed to hook up the head unit. (This part of the harness is the side that plugs into the OnStar/XM radio side of the factory harness, neither of which I have)


    The only extra step was to get a switched power source. A quick tap into a fuse in the interior fuse panel solved that. Been working like a champ ever since with absolutely NO problems...
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    I originally ran that adapter, and ran into issues right off the bat. Returned it to crutchfield (full refund even after it was installed) and went with my pac audio. Just thought I would pass that the "cheap" one crutchfield offers isn't really up to par. Cudos to them for returning it no questions asked.

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