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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by reggiecab2000, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. reggiecab2000

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    unfortunately, it has come to my attention, though ive known since day one of putting them on my truck that my dual halo projector headlights, need to be replaced. im sure you could see my past rants about them and how they look bada$$ and all, but honestly quality is a far underscore. i was driving last night with my mom ( pushin 50 years now) and my son and i asked her a simple question about my headlights, and she said she would not even drive my truck at night even if she was trying to save someone because they sucked that bad.
    yes they are projectors AND high intensity discharge, which literally means, i should have the brightest and safest night driving out of everyone, but the headlight housings themselves just dont arent top quality which ruins everything else, i am sad to say that i will not have the halos anymore, but i believe it is time to find a new headlight system far above OEM.

    Does anyone have any top brand reccomendations for headlight housings, that are BETTER than OEM?
    i will choose HID over halogen...
    and are they projector or traditional reflector designs?
    keep in mind i do still have my OEM headlights and if those truly are the best, then they will go back on. im just looking for the highest quality replacement headlamp out there, that has some good reviews as opposed to mine.
    thanks guys!
  2. AMac

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    who is the mfg. of the headlights you are disappointed in? I'm considering a headlight change in the near future and while I know Recon makes a decent product I really don't want to spend the money if I can find something comparable.
  3. aloxdaddy99

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    I have the OEM housings in my truck. I changed the bulbs to Silverstar Xfe's. The difference is like night and day over stock. I think it is a 3700k bulb. I did change them out because I wanted all my bulbs to be the same color. I was not able to find these for my fogs so that was the reason I put the Putco 39000k bulbs in. I may put the silverstars back in because I like those so much more.
  4. reggiecab2000

    reggiecab2000 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    theyre the spec-d brand, and also i could make an endless list of all the other brands that make this exact same headlight, its literaally googled under 2000 silverado dual halo projector headlight. soi many brands make this EXACT same headlight so i really dont think brand is the problem i belive it is just sdesign overall, bedcause this exact same headlight can be 150.00 on ebay all the way to 450.00 elsewhere for the exact same ones, and i doubt any quality would be different seeing that the front and back pictures are literrally copy and pasted from eachother on every website
  5. badboy

    badboy New Member

    Hey guys, just into this forum, new Sub three weeks ago. I still have the OEM housings, but I did throw in all new bulbs off EBay. I got 6000k bulbs, and they are night and day difference over the stock Halogen bulb. Visibility is fantastic with them. I paid $42.00 for both low and high beam bulbs. they do have the blue coating, so if you do not like the blue tint in your housings during daytime, you may want to try something else. I was also considering the HALO set ups, but wary after my last purchase for Pontiac Grand Prix. They were not aimed correctly, the little sub-housing parts where the bulbs sit and the whole assembly was not adjustable. interested to know also if anyone has had luck with aftermarket HALO's.
  6. Enkeiavalanche

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    The only lights I would go with is Anzo or IPCW
  7. lquattro04

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    I have IPCW projectors. I love them, they look amazing and the light quality is great with the ones they come with. I want to upgrade the bulbs, but I havent gotten around to changing them yet. In another post by surrealone he stated that unfortunately there is no HID housing on the market for our headlights yet so you will have to go with the projectors. I just bought the third brake light and tailights to match the rest of the truck, though i havent had the tail lights installed yet. I would do it myself, but I dont want to take a chance messing up the wiring. The way i look at it is, if i spent all this money on my truck and upgrading it then why would i half ass the install lol. An extra $50 to have it done professionally is worth it to me.
  8. SurrealOne

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    [MENTION=36460]reggiecab2000[/MENTION], I'm running into the same problem you are -- i.e. it's tough to find good aftermarket projectors for the 99-06 years. A thread you might want to have a look at is here, as I've documented my own projector experience within it and will continue to update it as I shift back to my OEM headlights (with some custom mods): headlights

    You have a 2010 model year. reggiecab2000 has a 2000 model year. Thus, your light assemblies are very different animals from his, even if from the same vendor. If there are people here who have had positive experiences with projectors for 99-06 halogen projectors I'd like to know ... and reggiecab2000 might be interested, as well, even though he's going HID.
  9. pmf608

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    Personally, I've heard too many bad things about aftermarket projector lights to even take a chance on them. And I've experienced the troubles of the Spec-D lights with the ones I helped my friend install on his Grand Am. I know some people have good experience with them, but I would err on the side of caution for safety reasons. For the best light output, a proper HID retrofit with a real HID projector (not the cheap halogen projectors found in aftermarket headlights) will be the best. It's a bit pricey and requires some skill, but it will give you hands-down the most light of the best quality.

    I'm hoping to have the money this summer to do my retrofit - I will be buying a second set of the factory style headlights for my avalanche, but with the smoked reflectors and adding in a set of Bi-Xenon projectors in the low beam area (will have HID high & low) and they will still have the factory halogen high beam so there will be no shortage of high beam light. This way you get the same quality of light output as a vehicle that has factory HID projectors - but with more high beam light.

    For a less expensive option, you can see in my signature that I had a 6000k HID kit in my silverado. The light output of the HID kit in the factory headlights was a significant improvement, even with the crappy scatter-glass pattern built into the lenses on the 99-02 Silverado and 99-06 Sierra. And despite what people always argue, those particular GM headlight designs don't have excessive glare with HIDs.

    Another option for you GMC guys would be Denali headlights. They have a low-beam projector from the factory which is a much higher quality projector than most aftermarket ones. As a factory GM design, the high beam reflector will also have decent output. And the halogen projector in the Denali lights will take well to putting an HID kit in it - and will reduce glare for oncoming traffic and give you that sharper cutoff of a projector.
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  10. SurrealOne

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    I had to find out for myself -- despite all I'd read in advance. I'm like that with some things. :)

    Also, I think Denali lights use a pair of 9005 bulbs per headlight-- which are 65W high beam bulbs. That's 10W more per bulb than the 9006 low beam bulbs, which means a bit more amperage to the stock low beam wiring. Food for thought.

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