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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by reggiecab2000, Mar 17, 2012.

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    That's true - but it shouldn't be enough of an extra load to cause problems. I'm certain the Denalis of that generation used the exact same wiring as the normal trucks. Also, the high beams run the exact same gauge of wiring and are powered through an identical relay as the low beams so if the high beam wiring can handle a 65W bulb, the low beam wiring will do just as well.
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    Yup. Gotta buy more bulbs. :)
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    well guys ive been searching once again ALOT! and basically what is come down to is the set of depo projectors are APPARENTLY very reputable, if you goolge them you will find lots of good reviews, and the reason for this is because depo makes the denali assembly for the yukons and they apparently incorporated the entire assembly for our 99-02 trucks as well, and many people say they but off an awesome beam pattern too, with exceptional highs, i believe i saw a thread at fullsizechevy with pictures also, and they seemed decent...
    and surrealone i also recently found that there is a hid reflector housing made for our trucks....
    xenarc x2020 hid
    apparently these are the best thing out there, only problem is im not willing to pay $450.00 :/ im sure some of yall might be more inclined to pay that price but as far me, just a few weeks shy of my 21st, i havent the financial stability for a payment like that on headlights lol
    im thinking ill snap some pictures tonight of my headlights to show yall just how my lights have been for the past year and a half as well, but im seriously considering the depo projectors, although i will still immaturely admit i will miss my halos, they really do look sweet on my truck!!! i think at least, but thats all that matters right? but still for the lighting tradeoff its just too much to risk.

    oh and heres my most descriptive pot i had about them too, and a glimpse of what they look like for the most part...
    also in this post it links to my thread where you can see a picture of my lights and halos at night, kinda of cut off by the brush guard though...
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    Looks like only 99-02 Chevy trucks; nothing for Sierras. :( Nice find, though. I'll add that to the 'demystified' thread. Good luck with the Depo projectors.
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    well damn surreal,
    i guess i got carried away and didnt realize your truck was different than mine...
    yeah i will keep looking for sure but i found these depos all over around $200.00 but get this.... $120.00 at SEARS!
    who would've thought sears sells these lol
    i have learned that it is best to listen to people with experience, as they are your best opinion out there! so hopefully anyone with questions about these kinds of lights, reads threads like ours lol
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    While I'm not sure about paying for the retro fit, if they start making kits specifically for my 09, I'd definitely consider spending the money to ensure it's done correctly. That link gave me some hope at least. I didn't see anything on the site for the NBS, but I may have missed it too. I'll check again later.

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