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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by mx152, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. mx152

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    hey all..

    just registered, looking for a little help with a couple questions.

    i just picked up a '92 sierra z71 extended cab sle for 500 bucks, pretty good deal, but needs a little tlc.

    it runs and drives amazing for an older vehicle, everything mechanical is pretty well sound, i've got the rear brakelines to replace to the wheels, wheel cylinders with the bleeders snapped off, and some bodywork.

    i've got both cab corners, rocker panels and a couple wheel arches to fix. i'm basically just wondering if there's a way to find a color matching spraypaint to touch up the two spots. i actually need two different colors because it's a two tone.

    i'm thinking of just painting it completely myself with a sprayer and compressor with my dad, but for now i'll probably just touch it up for a sticker and then do the rest later.

    i was also wondering where i could find a cheap muffler for now to hold me over until i can afford a full system. i'm looking to spend under 50 bucks. the one on there is almost new but i absolutely hate driving something that doesnt sound even halfway decent. not that it really matters, because i don't have a license until january anyway.
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    Welcome to the site, as for your parts I know that the discount autopart stores have the paint in cans. As for a muffler under 50 it would all depend on the exact application. Go to autozone or whatever stores you have in your area and tell them what your lookin for and I'm sure they'll help you out. Good Luck!!
  3. 5speedsilverado

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  4. mx152

    mx152 New Member

    thanks. it might sound wrong, but i'll probably just throw a glasspack on after i get a sticker and punch the converter out while i'm in there until I can afford a full cat-back setup ina few months.

    i pretty much put a game plan together today for the bodywork to tackle it, i'm pretty pumped to just get started, hopefully the ADHD doesn't kick in too much during, becuase i tend to try to rush the kinds of things that take time, and although i can do a pretty good job, i always end up saying "i could've done just a bit better there" haha.

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