New here from CT, have a couple questions:

Discussion in 'CT - Conneticut Chevy Truck Club' started by Zbyler, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Hey guys whats up,
    I'm Zack and I'm new to the forum here. I don't have a truck yet but I'm working on it and maybe you guys can help me out with a couple questions I have. Right now I am in college and I have to commute about 40 miles each way , 4 days a week to school. Im working on getting an internship that is about 45 minutes away from my house so that means more traveling for me. I currently have a 98 Subaru impreza with a wrx motor swap. The car is real fun but its kind of childish and I have always wanted a pick-up. Im looking at an 06 silverado 1500 extended cab, 5.3L V8 right now. The only problem is that the insurance is almost double what I am paying now and I will have to take a loan with payments of about 200$ a month. Bigger engine also means more money for gas and I spend a good amount of time on the road. My question to you guys is are there any older year pick ups (im a chevy fan) that I could grab that would still give me the security and usability of a pick up but not be as terrible on gas? Any suggestions are appreciated as I really dont want to be throwing 500$ a month at a truck, not including gas, just to have it never the less drive it. Thanks and I hope to be an active member on here once I get my truck

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    Hey Zack, welcome to the club. I can't think of any full size GM pick up that is going to get you as good a mileage as your Subaru. You could buy something older that wouldn't have as high an insurance bill, but unless you get something like an old Chevy Luv with a 4 banger the mpg is never going to match your Impreza, & that would just be throwing good money after bad. There's really no way around the high insurance premiums with a new vehicle, & since you're in college I assume you're younger which also costs you a ton on insurance just because of your age.
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    Welcome to the club, Zack.
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    Welcome to the club.
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    The gas milage will never be that great, but if you could get yourself into a six cylinder standard shift tranny 2 wheel drive pickup you may do better than the 5.3 L v-8. thats just a guess because I don't drive that far so 've always driven the v8's. I assume you want the safety and size of a full size. do a search of some of the older posts, guys will always tell you their mileage. I can tell you my 03 Z71 suburban gets worse mileage than my 99 LS did, maybe the tranny was different but on a trip to myrtle beach last year I averaged 19.5 with the 99, and the best I ever got out of the 03 was 17. But I like the safety and security hhave driving the suburban with my family in it.

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