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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by nitis, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. nitis

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    Ok I am back in a silverado after a 2 year stint with a cummins which was fun but definatly not as nice of a truck great running gear crappy package. So I got a 05 1500 z71 crewcab 45k on the clock.

    I have had a 2000 sierra and an 04 silverado previously.

    I live where there are mostly foothills so pretty much have to leave out of od all the time no big I understand. But the shiftpoints just seem like they could be better. I am pretty sure it has 3.73 not even sure if you could get a 1500 crew with 4.10s back then. anyway it drives like if I had the lower gears it would be perfect.

    What would be a user friendly product to help my situation. I know the power is there just need to get it all in sync. Plus I am considering adding a leveling kit from cognito and some taller tires.

    Another plus would be to optimize my mpgs kind of an oxymoron but I need to do what I can. My 04 could break 20 if I treated her right on the open road and did not go to fast but even babying this truck 18 is pushing it. And I am talking flat ground 60mph max! I know I know dont trust the overhead but it has to be close either that or Icant do math when I fill up cause we are always close.

    Sorry for the ramble throw me some ideas
  2. finalday7

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    I had a great experience with my 07 sierra and Hypertech's max energy programmer. I got an increase of 25% mpg with much better throttle response (I've got terrible 3.23's).

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