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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by crawfordguard, Dec 8, 2010.

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    So I want to get a new horn for my truck and when I tried searching for the horn it was impossible to find (I still don't know where it is, sounds like its under the battery but who knows). I've read posts about train horns and air horns and all that but I don't know what is easiest to install and what is the cheapest and loudest. Any help and opinions would be great!
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    The loudest ain't cheap or easy. You can either go with a louder electric horn to replace/ add to your stock horn, a cheap air horn setup which may be somewhat easy to install, but still not the loudest, or a train horn setup which will be more expensive, harder to install, and loudest of all (unless you go with a ferry/ship horn which takes up your whole bed!!:gasp:). Companies like Hella, PIAA, and Wolo make loud electric horns. I don't have any experience with generic air horns, but a lot of people seem to like the shocker horns from hornblasters. Nathan Airchime, Leslie, and Prime make actual train horns, with the Nathans being the most friendly to install (size and maintenance-wise). Prime's are no longer manufactured, but can sometimes be found on ebay or craigslist.

    It all breaks down to what you are willing to spend, how much time you want to invest, and how nice of an install you wish to have. Think about what you really want and do it right the first time so you won't be wishing, down the road, that you went with another setup.
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    I've had a similar issue with my 2008 GMC Sierra, the horn was very weak and sounded like a yugo. I went to O'reileys and bought a 15 dollar high pitch PIAA horn. It's better but it's not as loud as I want, they have one that is 50 dollars and is about double the size. On my truck the horn is located on the drivers side, underneath the headlight. You will need to remove the top black guard on the grill, then the grill to remove the headlight, once you wedge the headlight out it's bolted to the frame. VERY ANNOYING they put it underneath all that crap when they could have put it just about anywhere else. I might replace my soon, can take some pics and step by step it if anyone is interested.
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    there are two horns on mine. one on the drivers side and one on the passenger side. I was going to replace them because they sounded like they belonged on a clown car and not a truck. I only replaced one and have the other sitting on the shelf cuz they are a pain to get to. tucked under the lights and above the bumper so that everthing is in the way. I just purchased ones from kragen.
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    If you don't mind how much was your nathan horn setup? I already have a train horn kit so I have the tank,compressor, and air lines but my horns are too high pitched and just not loud enough.
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    I think the best be for me is to go with an electric horn. I don't need anything fancy, I just want something more beefy, since I've got this big truck but then a little stock girly horn.
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    GrizzlyTN Rockstar 100 Posts has prices and sound clips
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    Nutman (I got that from Stephan:lol:),
    For just the horns alone, I paid $385 for the K3HA (left) and $485 for the P3 (right). Both are Nathan's, the K-horn is a newer horn and the P-horn is a 2nd generation old cast horn. A used new-cast (3rd gen) P3 will typically run you about $400 on ebay, and so will a K3. One thing you should consider is the size of your airline, especially for the K3/K5 horns. Most people say 1/2" I.D. minimum as to not starve the horn for air. I'm only running 1/2" O.D. (~3/8" I.D.) air brake lines and it seems plenty loud enough for me. Go to youtube and listen to these horns and see if that is what you are looking for.
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