New intake gaskets and now no fire from coil

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  1. LoneWolf'burban

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    My 92 GMC Sonoma GT W Code 4.3L had the white cloud of death. Blown head gasket/cracked head. (Tore into it. Point to remember is I have the two piece intake manifold with the throttle body on the front and it looks like the intake off performance cars.) Took the top piece off and found a bolt riding next to the spider body of the fuel injector. (CPI) Also 4 of the twelve bolts where either only finger tight or finger tight/wrench loose. Pulled the bottem intake off because I knew I'd have to replace the gaskets after it getting that loose. Looked into the heads and found much oil sitting on top of sealed intake valves. Whew. No cracked heads or pushed gaskets. Just burning oil leaking up the bolt threads and hole. Got the new gaskets but now boycotting Fel-Pro, long story to be explained latter. Got her buttoned up. Now no spark to from the coil but power going in. Tested the ignition modual in the distributor and it's good. Brand new MSD coil (was cheaper than the Borg Warner I put in earlier this summer) did not fix it. I have a new mag coil pick up to put into it today to see if it'll work. I double checked everything as I was buttoning it up so I didn't miss any thing exept the A/C connector. It didn't work and I prefer windows down so no biggie. Won't reach now anyway because I rerouted some of the wires further from the header pipe. I'd rather take the whole A/C system out to save weight, space and engine drag. It may be the oil pressure switch beside the distributor. I spun it a bit and it tightened up and made some slack in the wiring so there's less pressure on the wiring connecting to it. But it's the power to and not out of the coil that confuses me the most.
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    It may sound too obvious, but you've missed a connection somewhere, or you've pinched the harness somewhere. Since the A/C connection won't reach, I'd say the latter is probable. Go back over it very carefully and re-route that wiring harness correctly. You'll find your problem.
    Good luck and God bless
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    I was very careful on routing the harness. Didn't pinch it either. I routed it further from heat sources like the header pipes. Yes, Edlebrok full tube headers. I'm thinking oil pressure switch. It was loose and I tightened it up. Tube coming up with brass fitting and electric connector. Lil bro took six months to chase down a crank position sensor he forgot to hook up when he swapped in another motor. Lesson learned from somebody else.

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    Would the coil ground straps have anything to do with it?
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    Figured it out. There are two connectors in the harnes between the MSD box, coil and dist that are identical. Swapped them out and I started a fire on the ground under the truck from it spitting out trying to start. Got it put out, no biggie. But timing the thing is near impossible. Near I said. Got that done. Now, trying to keep it going after hooking up the EST wire under the dash on the pass side to set base line timing at TDC, 0*. Charging the bat as I write this. Hopefully I'll get it going fine tonight.
  5. LoneWolf'burban

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    GOT IT GOING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! But I had to have it towed to the mechanic. $230 to find out I had the #6 and #1 plug wires crossed, or so I was told, and I was trying to time off the #6 wire. But that's not possible because I put it on the front driver side wire. But it's back to where it was when I bought it. So long as the intake manifold bolts hold. It gets around great in the snow too. Love good tires and limited slip posi.

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