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  1. Bama Z71

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    So , I removed my factory Chrome grill and sanded until I had a completely smooth finish. After spraying it down with primer, I lightly sanded until another very smooth finish. I then mixed some GM Black Base coat with reducer and sprayed about 4 good light coats. After drying , I came back and sprayed 3-4 Clear coats. The front "Bowtie" actually pops apart and is 2 pieces. I had originally had the outer piece painted Red, but with the chrome bumpers and aluminum rims, I decided to go with a "Silver" outline. I like it much better.

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  2. squatchy

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    Looks great! I wish I would have known the bowtie was 2 pieces before I painted mine.
  3. JnBama

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    :great:looks good!

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