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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Pirch90, May 8, 2010.

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    Thought I'd introduce myself here:

    Well I live in Florida and this is now my third truck first truck had a Z71 silverado and beat the hell out of it, realizing I didnt have the money or know how to take care of It I had to get rid of her and purely out of opportunity picked up a 2WD dodge, again I was young and broke so only took the opportunity at hand. hated the truck and kept getting stuck going hunting or even fishing. So I finally just got rid of it and just recently picked up a 2003 silverado for only 8k. Now my project is to turn this into an all purpose truck and it only really needs to last me another year maybe two untill I get my commission in the US ARMY. As soon as I get there Ill be buying a brand new silverado so this is to just get my throught the next two years of hunting season, playing, and hoping its able to get me around town when I'm not out beating her up.

    She looks to be in o.k. shape. Being that I am not as proficient as I would like to be this is more my judgement. Its got 120k miles on it, just had the transmission serviced and looked at by a few mechanics. The only thing I've really noticed is the front (ball joints??) on the front two arms look to be pretty shot.

    My hopes are to get her high enough to just fit 34-35's. I've cranked the torsion bars all the way up and is still sitting pretty low in the front. Front shocks are pretty beat too.

    I've looked into torsion keys but haven't heard many good things from my friends and online. Friend of mine said he put 2" keys on his old silverado and it didn't do anything. Also heard it puts a lot more stress on the front shocks, considering how loose and beat mine already are dont know how good of an idea it would be to do it. I would like to level the stance out though so thats my first question. How can I level it out without getting two pricey and not completley ruining the ride??

    Second and mainly I am exporing my options to get some 315/70/17s to fit (Probobly BF mud terrains). Never particulary liked what body lifts do to the look of the truck but I'm thinking that the only option I really have considering my financial situation is to go with a combination of a 2" suspension and a 2-3" body. What do you think? should I throw away the idea of 35's all together since I dont want to drop 2,000 just on a suspension lifts or are there any cheaper options available that arent going to ruin the ride of my truck??

    And I was looking at this suspension lift - - but it has block spacers for the rear so would this even work with a body lift? Love this simply because its less than $200.

    So let me know what you think would really appreciate any help.


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