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    My dad got this 1988 suburban 2WD 5.7 R10 for more then 10 year and only putting maybe ~10K miles since. He gave it to me a year ago and now it has 178K miles.
    The headliner has been an issue, sagging, old foam falling off in piece near the windows area that made my clothes dirty :(

    So last weekend, I decided to fix it myself. I spent about $60 on headliner fabric, $36 on the spray.

    • remove the trim
    • remove the center support (since the suburban use 2 pieces headliner)
    • remove the light (kind of tricky, you may need a second person to help holding the headliner)
    • remove all the overhead handle
    • remove the front headliner
    • to the rear since I have the AC unit (didn't blow cold air) I have to remove that big AC cover (again, you probably want someone to help you on this. You will need to remove the drain hose, light wire...)
    • slide the headliner toward the front, then remove

    I used a wire brush to remove the old foam from both sides. It takes a bit of time and kind of messy. After that, trim your fabric in place. (you can found a lot of Youtube on how to remove the foam and put the new liner together).... But one thing, the chevy liner has 3 layers, the white stuff in the middle kinda like hard foam so try not th press it too hard or you will end up with a not flat surface.

    Let the new liner dry out for 24hr, then put eveything back in. pretty easy.
  2. oldmanstruck

    oldmanstruck Rockstar 100 Posts

    Oh, since I am a new member here, may as well show some pic on my suburban
    P4221323.jpg P4221319.jpg
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    Welcome to the club. Enjoy searching, reading, and learning here. You will meet a lot of good people here with a lot of knowledge. I like it.
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    Here are some pictures for the project.

    One tip after the project, leave about half inch or an inch near the front area. I trimmed it to fit and it showed bare metal near the roof due to the sag. Not a big deal but something you may want to know.


    This is the stuff I used, cost about ~$12/can. Buy more then you need, I used a total of 3 cans

    since I am reusing the same old headliner, it sags a bit on both front and rear. I added a support bar to the rear (the same bar as the middle one I found in junk yard $18). I tried to do the same thing on the front with the same bar but it didn't work well so I decided not to at the end)




    Since they don't have blue, I pick gray instead. It works out pretty good

    let me know if you guys have any question.
  5. oldmanstruck

    oldmanstruck Rockstar 100 Posts

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