New Member, 2002 K2500 with 100k miles, just purchased from State Police Auction

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by stephenwsmith, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. stephenwsmith

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    MyTruck.jpg VinNumbers.jpg New Member, 2002 K2500 with 100k miles, just purchased from State Police Auction

    Ok I have a long road ahead of me, but I am looking forward to the work, and getting the truck here.

    Has anyone ever put Mastercraft seats in the front of the Suburban? I have their heated seats in my Cherokee, and would love a set in the Suburban, as we have lots of interior work to do.

    The truck has the manual crank windows, and a great condition Blue vinyl seat in the center, and no rear seat. Is it possible to find a blue vinyl rear seat or should I flip both of them out, and then match the upholstery with seats in the front by Mastercraft?


    Glad to have a Suburban... Want to make the truck into the family "truckster" for family vacations.
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  2. TMair

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    I can't help you on the seats, sorry, but congrats on the suburban, and welcome.
    You will love having your Suburban, before I got mine I asked a lot of people how they like theirs, every one said they loved it and would get another one, the first time I drove mine I knew exactly what they were talking about!!
  3. 2COR517

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    Nice truck, good luck with it. What engine? I don't have any info to offer for the seating. I'm guessing it will be difficult to find a vinyl third seat in any color. Most of the family truckster type were at least cloth, if not leather.

    When you are ordering parts, don't refer to it as a K2500. The K designation was dropped after the GMT400 trucks in 98-00. Just say it's a Suburban 2500 4x4.
  4. stephenwsmith

    stephenwsmith Member

    Thanks for the nice welcome

    The truck has the 6 liter engine, and the big electric transmission, This is the glove box door codes. I'd hate to toss out the middle seat, but it is blue vinyl, and if I cant match it, the best would be for me to find a nice suburban wreck and buy the center console, the middle and rear seat, and I really like those Mastercraft seats for the front, and the guys at Mastercraft say that since I have the base suburban that the metal bases should work.


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  5. ahm1127

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    Congrats on your truck. How many kids do you have? Why not put 3 rows of Mastercraft (besides $) seats in truck & make 3rd row removable. The mini vans have cool trays that fold down between the seats. There are many options for you to go, check out what a lot of others have done.
  6. stephenwsmith

    stephenwsmith Member

    We have 4 children ages 16/14/12/11

    So how would that work, the Mastercraft bench seats are not really Suburban type seats, they are made for Jeeps etc, so I think that having the full width Suburban seat would be a good idea. The blue vinyl middle seat I have now is in excellent condition, as is the passenger seat, the drivers seat has a rip in it, hence my thought to replace it, and the passenger seat with the Mastercraft seats which I know are very supportive and comfortable (I've had one for 5 years + in my Cherokee). They are also cozy with heaters, as well as an excellent manual lumbar support.

    I've not seen any blue vinyl third row seats... :) has anyone here ever seen them on a 2002?


  7. ahm1127

    ahm1127 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I was thinking 6 individual seats, the bench would be to narrow. Mastercraft are great seats & whole family would benefit from them compared to original vinyl, will be hard to find another vinyl in decent shape. You can make almost any seat work from any manufacturer, I had electric Volvo seats in my 84 F150, Mitibushi Starion seats in my Cherokee.
  8. audihenry

    audihenry New Member

    I have nothing to add except Congrats! I just got one and it's way, way, way better than I ever thoght it could be.
  9. stephenwsmith

    stephenwsmith Member

    Hi, Where is the best place to see other interior setups for Suburbans?

    Hi, Where is the best place to see other interior setups for Suburbans?

    I like your idea of checking others out.


  10. 40native

    40native New Member

    Seems to me your best option would be to put your Mastercraft seats in the front you want then find some decent used cloth seats from another Suburban to replace the rear seats. Your passengers will appreciete the cloth over the vinyl.

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