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    1991 K2500 350 rebuilt Densmore at 110k and it now has 210k :) the tranny is not stock either, the previous owner had a racing tranny put it around the time the engine was rebuilt. i

    t isnt pretty, it has its fair share of breaking down, well rather often... the vacuum seems to be causing issues when the engine is started in the morning it seems to be the problem i read about it tell me if this is right, after sitting for a few days (it isnt driven on a daily basis once or twice a week) one it starts idle's fine shifts into reverse when you press the break, not stopped just slow the engine (according to tach and i can feel it) die and come back up once or twice maybe even 3 times... any cheap easy fixes for that?

    anyway it is out of service for this week anyway, radiator was replaced by my dad who is not the most mechanically smart person and the fittings leak from the tranny cooler... needs to be taken to a nearby shop to be fixed. thats it for that and the other vehicles we have are a 2000 toyota camry 2.2 4 cyl. inline with timing issues. a 1970 ford mustang Grande with a rebuilt 302 that needs a full restoration but the engine is in good condition just needs the basic new hoses air filter and a tune up and itll be fine other that the body with some rust. t

    hat is my car and im 14, we are in a bad position to work on it now $$$ but its there for when we can took off vinyl top and sanded rust off and bondo the places it rusted through and covered it with a tarp.

    backstory on it is my parents bought it from a old lady who kept it in a garage its who life with 40k miles in the late 80's my mom drove it as her main car it broke down a lot and got the camry my dad had a friend who said he would do some work on it for his old 55 ford that needed bad restoration and he just messed it up to the point to where it needed restored, it was fine before that.

    he got it tickets broke the steering column and left it in front of his house when he got divorced and ran off to vegas with the 55 and when we went to pick it up, we had to have it towed home because it never started from his house.

    sad but yeah.... anyway i love cars and i can do maintenance and follow directions to fix things if i know what the problem is.
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    Welcome! :great:

    Not to be rude, but might I recommend the use of paragraphs on future posts? It would help the readability a lot.
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    Welcome to the club, it's nice to have you with us. :glasses:
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    Welcome to GMTC, glad to have you here.:great:
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    Welcome aboard....wonder if you are the youngest on this
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    :sign0016:to the GMTC
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    Thanks for the welcome message, look forward to seeing how you progress. I broke your post up into paragraphs for you so that it's easier to read.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks for the welcome message, look forward to seeing how you progress. I broke your post up into paragraphs for you so that it's easier to read.
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    Welcome to the G M T C !

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