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    Hey everyone!

    A couple of months ago I purchased a 2004 Silverado as my first 4x4 vehicle and I got it for a steal I think. I got it so cheap because the 4x4 wouldn't work and the previous owner thought it was the computer that was the problem, it turns out the people who put the new motor and transmission in forgot to plug it back up so after I plugged it up everything worked as it should have. The truck I believe was a high option truck, it's got posi track, 3.73 gears, Bose, heated auto tinting and adjusting mirrors, electric 10000 different position captains chairs etc, it's a lot more nicer than the Dodge truck I had drove since I was 16.

    The first thing I did the day after I bought it was take it to an exhaust shop and have true dual exhaust put on it. The next task was the headliner, when I bought the truck the headliner was in awful shape, I took it down and put camo headliner up with extra foam backing and did the doors to match. I also put a new Pioneer double DIN radio in. After that I broke a leaf spring messing around offroading and bought a 3inch leveling kit since I was going to have it all apart anyways. I didn't really like the chrome on the front end and wanted to change it, after I got the bumper off I learned that it was in a front end accident and the brackets were bent, I bought new brackets and everything fit together way better, I just forgot to check if the bumper was even before I put the trim back on, one of these days I'll go back and fix it. I bought new headlights and tail lights since I was going to have it all apart anyways. I also made all the interior lights LEDs and put green LEDS for the step lights in the doors.

    I plan on getting a 6inch lift for it and fitting 35s or 38s, headers, a computer tune, maybe a cam and anything else I can do to make it go faster. This is the first 2000+ vehicle I have worked on so all this fuel injection is kind of intimidating.

    I also have a 1981 Camaro z28 I slowly restored while I was doing my first 2 years at a community college. I also have a 1987 CJ jeep that I have been tinkering with.

    The day I bought the truck

    The Facelift I gave it:


    The new tail lights:

    The camo headliner and doors



    My Z71 sticker

    And here's all 3 of my units

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    Welcome to the site! That color-matched bumper looks good. Also, nice Camaro!

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