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  1. jakeduece

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    Hey everyone. new here! That being said, I've been looking very close at the '99-'02 silverados, as I would like to purchase one. Or rather trade my '00 blazer 4wd for one lol. I was hoping someone could help me out, I've never owned one before and I would like to know more about them! As far as what I would like to find, 2wd or 4wd doesn't really matter. Im looking at extended cabs. My main concern is if I will get the same mpg or better than I get now, in my blazer (14 city up to 19 hwy). I heard the 4.8 does a little better than that, but the 5.3 does around the same. Can anyone confirm this? (I know what you're thinking, get a car if you are that concerned about mpg. But I need a full sized truck for hauling quads and snowmobiles) Also, all of the silverados in that price range have over 150,000 miles(which I am ok with), is there any common issues I should check for with that many miles? Thanks in advance everyone!
  2. Pikey

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    Welcome to GMTC! I owned a 2002 extended cab silverado 2wd, 5.3L. I sold it with 140,000 miles on it. I talk to the kid that purchased it often. I live in Michigan and never had an issue getting around in the snow with 2wd. As long as preventive maintenance was done then there are only a few specific issues I know of. Look to see if the plug wires look new, ask if the spark plugs were ever replaced. Sometimes pulling a sparkplug out that has been in the head for 150,000 miles can turn into a major job if the plug breaks off in the head. Look for odd wear on the front tires, that could indicate front end component wear. I replaced all of my front end parts at 100,000 miles. But, that was because I am anal and did not want to put $900 worth of new tire on worn parts. The intermediate steering shafts begin to clunk, makes it feel like something is loose in the front end. It is an easy fix and if you search around the forum you will find a how to guide about it. The instrument cluster stepper motors are know to go bad in these, the steppre motors are what moves the needles. If you can solder you can fix them for $12 a motor or send the cluster out and have it completely rebuilt for around $125 plus shipping. Another known issue is the exhaust manifold bolts. The heads pop right off, due to being the incorrect material. Sometimes they leak sometimes they don't. Sometimes they can be fixed without pulling the heads off, other times the heads have to be removed. It is not a cheap fix. There is also an issue with some of the heads, they have a "706" stamped on the ear of the head that can be seen from the passengerside. Not all 706 heads were made by Castec, and not all the castec heads are bad. It is just the luck of the draw. The only way to tell if they are castec is to pull the valve cover, which most sellers will not let you do. The extended cab entrance handles tend to break. They are a cheap fix, $19. I had a JET power programmer on my 5.3l and averaged 23-24mpg on the freeway @ 72 mph with the AC on. That is pretty high for most 5.3l. The kid that bought the truck called me and told me that at 160,000 miles the fuel pump went out. He since replaced it and said that he is getting the same mpg I reported. I would suggest that if you find one you like at the price you like, take it to a shop and have a mechanic take a look at it. Most charge between $25-$50 to do this. But, then it will have been up on a hoist. The mechanic can look for leaks, check ujoints, and front end parts. It could stop you from buying someone's problem or it could give you some bargaining power. If something needs replaced you can try to factor that into the price. Sorry, that I wrote you a Novel. Trying to provide as much info as I can. Good Luck

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  3. jakeduece

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    Thanks for replying, lots of good information. Wow, that is really good gas mileage, especially for the 5.3! My grandparents had a 06 Z71 crew cab, 5.3 and they never saw above 17 hwy (although that could have something to do with offroad tires they had put on lol). But yeah, I'll check very closely on the things you pointed out. Thanks man
  4. Pikey

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    Must be the tires, because my 05 yukon xl with 5.3l averages 19-21 mpg on the freeway.
  5. Kady

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    I probably get about 15 on the highway...
  6. jakeduece

    jakeduece New Member

    Yeah that's what I figure. I found a 2001 Silverado, has 267k miles (yea 267 lol) it has had a transmission put in, he said everything is good and could use new tires. hes asking 3250 for it, its in decent shape and it is 2wd. Would it be worth my time to look at it? Heres a link to it
  7. Pikey

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    I would stay away from it. He had the trans replaced at 93,000 miles. It now has 176,000 on the "new" trans. I also noticed that he did not show any pics of the drivers side. That tells me that side is probably pretty beat up. You could check it out. Heck, check as many out as you can so you can find out what is out there. I put over 1000 miles on my wife's car in a week looking for my 05 yukon xl.

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