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  1. mwa3c

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    Hello GMTC Forum folks!

    Yes, I am new and PROUD OF IT ha!

    Ok.. So, I have this "New to me" fully stock 1999 GMC Suburban SLT k1500 w/ a peppy 350.. Picked up recently with less than 90,000 miles on it! BUT, the previous owner tossed the skidplate.

    I am in the market for a frame rail to frame rail style skid plate, or something that would cover enough junk under the truck so i am comfortable..

    I would like to protect:
    1. Front Dif
    2. Oil Pan
    3. Transmission pan and xfer case

    Any ideas? I am considering building my own but would need to replace my defunked welder first.. so if cost of building is less than the cost of buying i willl be building :)

    Many thanks to those out there that have to read my above post! for putting up with a new guy!

  2. Pikey

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    I would look at a local salvage yard. If there is a pull-a-part near you then you might be set. Then you could just pull one off of another 1999. You might want to measure, but I am pretty sure that the plates from a z71 would fit. It might require some drilling and tapping for mounting if the holes are not already there. Alternatively, you can check out here are some prices I came across for a 2001 truck. They will not fit yours, but it should give you an idea. The prices are not that bad.
    GM PART # 15843753 Aluminum Skid plate protecting oil pan
    GM LIST: $39.24

    GM PART # 15049809 Aluminum skid plate protecting transfer case
    GM LIST: $32.97
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  3. K15 Blazer Guy

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    i second the salvage yard. you find these trucks in there allllllll daaaaaaaaaay loooooooooong
    bob seger sold millions
    like a rock

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