new member to forum, just bought a 03 tahoe

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  1. HvNd4Speed

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    Hello to all, new member from So Cal here, I just bought an 03 Tahoe this last Saturday. I got a great deal on it and it looks great. this is my second GM vehicle, first one was a 98 blazer which i had some issues with and got turned off to GM but after searching for about a year for the right car and finding nothing, I think I found something i'll be very pleased with!

    Onto the issue at hand, Im waiting on my buddy to bring in his code scanner, pretty sure its one of the front O2 sensors that is bad and causing a check engine light, here in Cali we have this wonderful process we have to go thru called smogging.

    Anyway, anyone have a service manual pdf on how to do this? It can't be that hard *i hope* I just need instructions! Thanks in advance to all who answer.
  2. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site!
  3. Eddie Z71

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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Glad to have you here! I hope a member here has a manual for that year, and can help you with this. Good luck, and I'll see you around the site!
  4. canislupis69

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    Welcome to the site!
  5. Rockstar 100 Posts

    hi Welcome to the site. ralph
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    welcome to the site
  7. HvNd4Speed

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    hello to all of you, these boards prove to be a great resource for almost anything you could ever want to know about anything. Thanks to all!

  8. Coolrado

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    welcome aboard.

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