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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by 03HeavyHalf, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf Rockstar

    Hi my names Alan, i drive an -3 1500HD Silverado. I live in Cedar Rapids Iowa currently but will be moving out into the country soon. I look forward to many years with my truck.
  2. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the club, Alan.
  3. MPC-Silverado

    MPC-Silverado Rockstar 3 Years 100 Posts

    welcome to the site!
  4. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf Rockstar

    Thanks! Just getting everything set up
  5. Bama Z71

    Bama Z71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Welcome to the club , post some pics asap , everyone loves them
  6. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the Club!!!
  7. Vincennes02261897

    Vincennes02261897 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome! I hope your truck serves you well over the years.
  8. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the club!
  9. 03HeavyHalf

    03HeavyHalf Rockstar

    SOOOOO everytime i log in it says that a security token was broken, and i cant do anything to my profile or PM anybody. Help?
  10. mad1500hd

    mad1500hd Rockstar 100 Posts

    welcome to the site! sorry about the security issue...i'm sure one of the moderators will be able to help you out...

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