new muffler and neeed advice on sound system accessories please!!!

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  1. hey guys i just got a new Flowmaster series 40 street muffler installed on my truck at Mesa Muffler, they did a great job and it sounds great.
    I highly recommend these guys for any exhaust jobs, their located in Costa Mesa, Ca. and they do awesome work, my dad has even been going to them for years with his old mustangs and cars.

    and time for part 2

    im getting 2 12"in JL subwoofers, and a 1500w amp,(idk what brand amp) and i was wondering if i would need a capacitor or anything else to make it sound like it should. so any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  2. SurrealOne

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    If your alternator cannot produce the amps required by the truck plus the amps required by the 1500w amplifier then you will need a capacitor or an isolated battery. How large a capacitor will depend on how large a deficit you generate with the addtion of the amplifier.

  3. how would i measure those though?
  4. SurrealOne

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    You can either measure it with a meter with all electrical items in the truck turned on or determine it by adding up the electrical load of all electrical items.
  5. ohh okay, and then i assume the amplifiers usuage is its size? ex: 1200w or a 1500w?

    thanks for all the helpp too,
    I greatly appreciate it dude!
  6. MoBillyAla

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    IMO you will definitely want a capacitor. Running a 1500w amp is going to draw some serious juice, and I don't think an alternator is going to be able to continuously produce what you need. Keep in mind that the capacitor stores electricity kinda like a bank so every time your amp draw from the vehicle for those incredible bass thumps it has to come from somewhere.. anytime you see a car with lights that dim every time it booms it is because it is pulling from them...
  7. okay, and how do you recharge them? like a normal Lipo battery for a RC Car? or should i save up and just get a second battery to power the system? and with the second battery would i have to plug it into the car like a diesel how they have two batteries? or will it be set alone not connected to anything like the engine or alternator ?
  8. SurrealOne

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    The conversion of Watts to Amps at fixed voltage is governed by the equation Amps = Watts/Volts. In your case your maximum draw will be 1500 watts during those heavy bass hits, so we do 1500w/12v= 125amps.

  9. tbplus10

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    The capacitors will be wired into the electrical system and should automatically charge at all times the alternators putting out power, they sort of act like a battery but they have the abillity to put out a large amount of amps all at one time.
    If you plan is to have a high wattage system I'd recommend a second battery along with an upgraded heavy duty alternator.
    The stock alternator isnt gonna last long when its being taxed with a heavy load all the time.
  10. Enkeiavalanche

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    But before we confuse this guy What amp are you useing? What size Fuse's are on the amp itself? Which model JL 12's are you getting? As said many times before there are plenty of 1200-1500 Watt amps that will only do about 350 watts RMS So not that much power is needed. So lets look at the Amp you are going to use, Also Caps are bandaids True a Bigger Alt and Batt will cost more but will do the right job if you do upgrade things. Best Buy LOVES to sell those add on's But not what you truly need..

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