New Plugs and Wires

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ippielb, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. ippielb

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  2. TRPLXL2

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    I just put some of the MSD wires on my S-10, but I haven't driven it enough to see a difference yet. I was going to buy the quad tipped spark plugs , but the guy at the desk said that they wouldn't fit in the 4.3 in my truck. I just went with the regular Bosch plugs, but the one's you got definately look cool though. Can't wait to see the pictures, my plug wires were bright red which I am sure yours are too. :sign0173:
  3. daddytech

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    The E3 plugs by them selves make a noticable difference in the power and they make them for everything even lawn mowers. Haven't tried the MSD wires though that is something to consider for later on for mine too. was actually thinking of that and an MSD HEI set up for my truck. there is a deffinate difference in the gas mileage with the E3's also as well as an HP increase and if you drive your vehicle at all it's noticable as soon as you drive it immediately after installing them.
  4. bcoffman

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    I was looking for new plugs for my truck and the guy at pepboys said that GM and ford don't like bosch plugs. I bought a set of ac delco rapid fires. a msd hot coil and new cap, rotor and accel wires. so far so good
  5. unplugged

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    Awhile back I went with Autolite platinums and a set of Taylor 8mm spiral core wires. Happy with them other than the noise on the AM radio. I have to try a suppressor, but if that doesn't work I think I'll go back to a suppressor core wire.
  6. grimreapersshadow

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    ive got msd wires , coil and ignition ,makes a difference in the long and short haul over all you get better performance and driveability and gain a mile or to back from the lack of your old system not burning off every thing complety
  7. rubenalonzo

    rubenalonzo New Member

    Hey guys, I've got ShamRock (1999 Silverado), she has a 4.3 6 Cyl, 5-Speed Stick, and I've always wondered if new plugs and high performance wires really will make a noticeable difference.

    So you guys swear by this then? What am I looking at as an out the door price for a set of the best plugs and MSD wires? Thank you all in advance.
  8. Joeairforce

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    Glad I don't have to worry about spark plugs and wires....... :glasses:
  9. bd1326

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    i agree, i have the e3 plugs in my truck and noticed an increase in power and fuel mileage reight after i put them in.
  10. grimreapersshadow

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    ruben you can get the plugs and wires at or a local speed shop usually the wires are about 100 bucks and plugs vary from 2bucks and up to 9 big ones good time to get fimilar with your engine and do it your self use some ani seize on the plugs before install and i would recommend ac delco's rapidfire plugs for good performance and econmy or the e3's stay away from copper core copper tip plugs as they wont last as long or tend to burn up quckly + its not the proper type for your motor

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