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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by dsfloyd, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. dsfloyd

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    Ok so nothing too special in this thread i just know the topic of which plugs and wires to use comes up often. I just replaced mine last night and used taylor 8.2 mm thundervolt wires and AC delco iridium plugs as these seemed to be highly thought of by members on this site. I figured my old wires were needing to be replaced and the condition of the old plugs were at a point that they could use replacing.

    After replacing I noticed a little smoother idle, nothing too exciting and wasn't expecting it to pur like a kitten. As I have only driven to work with them there is one noticeable improvement. Since I lifted my truck and only put 4.10s there are a few grades and hills on my way to work where the transmission has been needing to shift down in order to maintain speed and this morning it was able to stay in 4th the entire time. Now this may not be the coolest thing ever but it made me happy to at least get a noticeable performance increase that way.

    I figure in another week I will have gone through a couple tanks of gas and will see if there is any increase in mileage (I figure not having to downshift on one of the longer grades should help) and I will take any increase I can.

    So just wanted to say that I took the recommendations of members on this and am happy with the immedieate results. thanx

    On a side note when I pulled my plugs out the first I pulled out I noticed it said NGK and was a little surprised as I thought they would be AC delco from the factory. then I spun it and on the other side it said AC delco. I thought it was interesting that it would have NGK and AC delco on them. I also think they may have been platinum plugs from the tips.

    Ok sorry for rambling
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    Glad that worked for you. What color did you go with?

    I put a set of Taylor's on mine and tried to run them through the factory looms/standoffs. A couple of wires ended up on the exhaust manifolds and one burnt. I thought the silicone could handle the high temps. Not! Another set of Taylors and some nice wire looms fixed it. Went with blue Taylors custom fit.
  3. dsfloyd

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    I went with the blue. when I went to order from summit they had every brand and color in stock except for the black taylor's. small update and I doubt related to the change yesterday but I got in today and all of a sudden my speedo is way off and my oil pressure gauge is at like 80 when off and goes even further when on everything else working fine. So I will be playing with that tonight.
  4. dsfloyd

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    Ok just a last update. So the speedo getting thrown outta wack was the larger plug wires (it would make it one day after calibrating before getting off again). I have an in lined calibrator and I guess it was too close. I found out by putting the stock wires on again and no problems. So I returned them and got the Napa wires (back to the 7mm). Just the plugs alone dropped my rpms down 200 so now it is at 2000 at 65, and I got about a 1mpg boost:party: now at about 13mpg. I did think that the taylor 8.2 gave a little better performance, smoothness, but I like the Napa's too. In the end I think I need to shield the calibrator wires a little better though
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  5. dsfloyd

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    So I guess I could have kept the Taylor wires, as the problem I thought was because of the wires interfering at the speedo splice, is that the instrument cluster is going out. Fortunately it is covered by the dealer until 70k and I am only 61k so they are fixing it for free.

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