New project. 87 k20 6.2 diesel and 2 big block k20s

Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by ahmitchell1, Jan 28, 2013.

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    My gf grandfather has 3 k20 in his back yard and he is giving them to me for a grand. Two are big blocks one runs and is going to become my bogger for the time being. But the diesel is what I'm interested in making into a true bogger. I plan on putting rockwells underneath it and doing a 4 link front and rear. Can anyone give me some info on the 6.2. What to look for and what I should look into replacing. I want it to be bulletproof. It's nice two have the third truck as a parts truck for both of them. Ill get pics soon I'm back at school and I would brought it back with me but I'll be moving back to ga soon and I don't wanna have 3 trucks here and a bike two try n all get back home. Thanks for any info
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    6.2 are fairly low horse power motors and if i was building thetrue bogger id uses the big block and build that. 6.2 you would need to change the bottom end and would wanna put a turbo kits like the banks sidewinder turbo kit. its about the only way you would have the power to do any thing with it. my 6.2 had trouble stock moving the large tires in the mud. and was a dog on the road.

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