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    I was going through my project notebook & had written down black color matched door handles & tailgate handle. since they look sad and faded now. My problem is I'm not up to quality to actually match the trucks black when painting. My bumpers & grille are all off by a few shade but it gets me through. I had the idea to get a chrome handle set off ebay & call it a day but I don't like chrome & being handles I'll be all the time wiping finger prints off.

    So my new idea
    ... Having a set of chrome handles but sanding them down for the stainless look. When painting my rear bumper I sanded it down to that stainless point & looked pretty good, but still painted it. I know I can't just sand them without having some kind of protection on them, whats recomended? I have some clear spray or would some kind of sealer that I know nothing about be better?
    I also noticed when I was sanding the bumper that I would have to sand in the same direction to avoid the scratch marks going everywhere.

    I'm sure I would have to get the metal replacement chrome handles & not the plastic stick on type. Tried this on the plastic chrome letters all it did was bring out the black rather than just dull the chrome.

    If this can work out I may just sand the black off the chrome front bumper to tie in the look.

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