New Readylift 4'' SST Leveling Kit

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by TexasTruckin, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. TexasTruckin

    TexasTruckin New Member

    Is anybody on here using the new 2007-UP Silverado/Sierra 1500 4WD 4.0" SST Lift Kit by Readylift? I'm considering it for my '09 silverado but it's quite a bit pricier than the regular 2.25'' lift kit, about 4x as expensive in fact.
  2. NWI_#73

    NWI_#73 Member

    I am looking at this kit also for my 08. Anyone?
  3. orange f7 snopro

    orange f7 snopro New Member

    i currently have a 3" suspension max leveling kit on my 09 1500 crew cab. now i'm thinking about removing that and getting the readylift 4" SST lift.
  4. DarkCherry

    DarkCherry Rockstar

    GOOD FIND! Looks like a nice lift kit to add. Looks to be way better than a leveling kit. Will just need to save up for the kit and the labor to install it, might have to wait till factory warranty expires too, already had one front cv joint and shaft go bad, kind of afraid to do any changing of factory stuff up front that would void the warranty. Guessing the cv joints and shaft arent too cheap to replace.
  5. 09Z71BLKBST

    09Z71BLKBST Rockstar 100 Posts

    looks like its time for me to start saving!
  6. NWI_#73

    NWI_#73 Member

    I believe there are members on saying it's a bad kit because it doesn't account for extreme ball joint and steering angles causing premature wear.

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