New rear shocks need suggestions

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by croach1776, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Is this a half ton truck? You appear to want "lift" for towing. Well, you don't need any "lift". If you are not overloading the truck rear end with whatever you are hauling or towing, your best suspension assistance is with air bags from Air Lift. They don't "lift" the rear but they keep it from going down with a load.

    As far as shocks, I am using Koni shocks. Have used them on several other vehicles. Most expensive shocks out there for a truck, but they are awesome. Fully adjustable.
  2. croach1776

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    Rear end does need some lift but I know that shocks arent the answer. Thanks for the Koni suggestion.
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    Hi, Croach:

    I thought I read in another post of yours that your truck has a 4 inch lift. If it does, you have to check with the manufacturer or distributor about the shocks you buy to make sure they fit a truck with that amount of lift. (Maybe you have to go with Rancho products or a competitor, since they specialize in shocks for trucks that have been lifted.)
  4. croach1776

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    I think I will take it to a shop that specializes in off-road setups. Get pricing on raising the rear with appropriate shocks all around. Thanks

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