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  1. W1T3OUT918

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    SuperChips,,knock sensor

    I have just newly acquired the superchips cortex reprogrammer. just wondering if anybody else out there has messed with these at all or has any advice on whats the best tuner setting for my 4.8L z71. i have tuned it to the 87 octane (which felt to me it reduced power) and the performance tune mode and back to my stock mode. Seems the performance tune mode has the best overall improvements and is actually shown while driving. i was also wondering if i may have to change out my mass air flow sensor? Also with me running the Perfromance tune mode it says to run 91 octane and i just halfway filled up with 91 since i was running 87 thru it, but it keeps giving me a check engine light (code is the knock sensor) just wondering if i keep running 91 thru it, if it will end up adjusting and no longer give me the trouble code?
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  2. W1T3OUT918

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    got a 104 views but no replies???
  3. TimTom64b

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    With the performance tune... you should run 93 octane. Try adding a can of octane booster and see if your code goes away.
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    remember it might take your computer a few cycles to set up to the programmer.. Give it a day or 2..
  5. W1T3OUT918

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    yeah, i have been running 91 thru it since i put this on here, one person told me that the code comes on due to the fact of that electrical wire that senes the knock gets wet and may ruin the wiring and thats why i keep getting it. its only when i really get on it also that the light comes on,,thanks for the input guys!!!!:great:
  6. TimTom64b

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    I'm thinking if you did not get the trouble code before the new tune... then it not a wiring problem. My guess is not enough octane. Especially since you say you get it when you put you foot into it... that is where it would knock when under load. Like I said put some octane boost in or try rolling it back off to stock and see if it goes away. You really do not want to run it much if its knocking as it can damage the engine over time.
  7. W1T3OUT918

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    yeah i was wondering if it would damage the engine or what if it keeps giving that sensor,, i will try some of the octane booster like you said. it had given me the code only like once or twice before but it would go off after a bit of driving. if it keeps doing it im probably gonna just reset it back to stock,or stock with options.
  8. toyracer83

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    Good to know. I am looking at programmers and have not decided which one yet.
  9. Rockman18

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    Is this a common occurrence I wonder? I will be looking to get a tuner hopefully pretty soon and don't want to have any issues like this myself.
  10. TimTom64b

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    There are allot of benefits with adding a tune... they do allot of things like advance the timing, fuel mixture, shift points etc. Many have guidelines with regards to minimum octane requirements for settings such as stock, sport and performance. I have bad two tuners over the years... bully dog and a diablo trinity. Both have worked well... but my diablo has more options with regards to custom tuning. I would highly recommend diablo to anyone looking a tuners.

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