NEW rigid dually D2 reverse lights

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by reggiecab2000, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Its a grey area with TXDOT, I have a cross bed bar on the back of my Tacoma with rear facing Pro Comp 9000's and Ive only had a problem once, got stopped for another infraction and the officer commented on my rear facing lights, as you pointed out he stated red or blue rear facing lights would be illegal but clear lights violate no laws, even if you were to turn them on into traffic it isnt illegal. They held me alongside the road two hours trying to determine legality, the clincher was a tractor and a semi drove by at almost the same time and I commented if it was illegal they better go stop them too since both had rear work lights.
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    I may eventually drop a couple of these lights in my front bumper to bolster my fogs.
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    yes the wiring that came with these lights was a pretty fancy set up, with relay switch and all included...

    i got these at
    with a discount code i got them shipped to my door for $334.39

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    I have never even considered legality of backup lights.....
    I mean ranch hand, body armor, road armor, iron cross, all aftermarket bumper company make rear bumper with aux light provisions,
    white night makes a back up lamp system that goes around your hitch...
    If these had any legal issues I dont know why so many companies would be offering backup lamp provisions standard on their products...
    thats just my assumption anyway...

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