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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Warpath, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Warpath

    Warpath New Member

    Hey folks! I'd like to get rid of my current rims on my Silverado. I absoltuely hate those hub covers, which always fall off or have to be tightened endlessly. My truck is an '02 Silverado 2wd, and I just bought new tires before winter.

    I'd like to replace the rims, but I'm unsure what to look for. I know I have 16 inch rims, but how do I know what lug pattern to get. I thought I found some rims on EBay, but I didn't pull the trigger becuase I was afraid to buy the wrong rim.


  2. MrShorty

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  3. RatRod

    RatRod Rockstar 100 Posts

    Do you have six or five lugs? I would look at take offs on Craigslist. I just picked up a set of 18" off of a 2007 Z71 for my 2008. These wheels were an option to the Z71 package.
    They are six lug wheels.
  4. Pete95Sierra

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    yea we kinda need more info... 5 or 6 lug? what size rim are you lookin for? price range?
  5. Warpath

    Warpath New Member

    My rims are 6 lug guys, and my tries are 235-70-r16. I guess that's my problem, do I need to know something other than tire size to buy new rims. I found some on Ebay that went for $75 plus $95 shipped. I think they were right, but wasn't sure.

  6. RatRod

    RatRod Rockstar 100 Posts

    If you have 6 lugs then you would need a 6X5.5 wheel. Tire sizes you would find in a owners manual or go to and use their calculator, it will ask for the year, make and model and will let you know what plus sizes that you can use.
  7. black jack

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    go to you can see rims on your truck and they will give you all the info you need plus if you dont like there rims at least you will be able to get lug specs and rim dem.
  8. Pete95Sierra

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    yea they are prob 6x5.5.... are you looking for bigger tires at all or looking to use the same ones??? also check the backspacing on teh new ones also if your using the same tires dont get a rim with a bigger backspacing
  9. Warpath

    Warpath New Member

    I would like to and intend to use the same tires. I just bought them before winter, and I'm really impressed with them overall. I was shocked to see how much tires for my truck were. Goodyears were going to run close to $700 all the way around.

    That's when I ran into the Dayton Timberline AT. They rated out as high as some Goodyears, and they cost me $425 grand total. Nothing against Goodyear, but they laid my friend off a few years ago and I've never forgiven them. Nor will I.....

    Thanks for the info guys. At least I know what to look for now. I just don't like the cheesy plastic covers on the rims. The little plastic hub screws over the lug and I'm constantly tightening them. I've lost one, and had to stop to pick others up on a regular basis. So, not only are they cheesy, they're a pain in my arse!

    Thanks again!

  10. retired2001

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    I bought a set of "take offs" off of Craig's List for $500. They were brand new Goodyears 265R70X17 Wrangler HPs on 6 spoke aluminum wheels off of a '07 GMC. great lookin' wheel & tire combo. They even had the air pres. sensors. Worth a look!

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