New rubber 265/70R17

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by dark star, Jan 4, 2013.

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    ^^^maybe you should read every post and see why I answered the way I did
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    You're still missing the critical piece of information that ultimately ends up determining the total diameter, which is rim size plus the sidewall size. Again, as 285/70/17 is about 1" smaller in diameter than a 285/75/17. Just because someone changes to a 285 width does not answer the question about what the sidewall size is or if the tire will fit. For a fit, both the diameter and width need to be factored in along with backspacing and offset will need to be considered, especially when changing rims (but since he is using stock rims, like I am, I did not mention backspace and offset when I compared them).

    All I am trying to convey is that you are only telling the partial story and not giving the OP a chance to compare apples to apples. Using your Dad's example of 18" rims and 285 width, is not providing enough information, as we cannot tell what the overall diameter of the tire is. I hope I am explaining it correctly.
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    He clearly stated his factory was a 70 series tire and he only asked about width and my tires as I stated before were still factory size side wall and I only increase the width what is so hard to figure out, I never stated to increase the sidewall as they would then not fit obviously. And some one else said that older trucks need to be lifted hence why I chimed in with my other trucks that I own that ARE the other body styles and they need no lift! But since this concept is too hard for some fine if you have an 18 go 285/65(factory size)/18 - for 17 go to 285/70(factory size)/17
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    no you will not have any problem running a 285 i am running it i made the same jump and i have no problem at all
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    What would give you the impression that I didn't read it all?
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    Sorry, but not everybody is aware of what exactly "factory size" is, especially given the many variations. It is different between vehicle years, HD or not, etc. Even NNBS come factory with both 17", 18", and I think even 20". I'm not trying to be difficult, but just trying to ensure people have an easy way to compare. I did not mean to offend you and my apologies if I did.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Do you have torsion keys? If so, there may be a difference, as they can be adjusted. NNBS do not use torsion keys, so a leveling kit may be needed. This is why I recommended for the OP to try that size on first before purchasing, as I know from experience using his exact same tire size, rim size, and body style, they were close to rubbing with a leveling kit. The 285/17/70s may fit without one but when someone is spending $1,000 or more on tires and may not get to return them if they are the wrong size, it would be more prudent to know for sure they fit. There are plenty of threads here where people purchased tires that they thought would fit and then they end up having to cut or grind. Again, I'm not trying to offend you either but there could be a difference between NBS and NNBS.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here is something that may be helpful as well. A member who has a NNBS with a 2 1/4" leveling kit changed his tires to 295/17/70s (stock is 265/17/70) and there was slight rubbing. This tire is only 10mm wider than the 285s (which could be comparable to many tires' tread depth) and yet with a 2 1/4" leveling kit he still rubbed.

    f you're interested in reading about his experience, it's on post #71 of this thread.

    There are also several threads in which other members state that with 285/17/70s will need a leveling kit. Here is one but if you search through the wheels and tires section, you'll see many.

    Lastly, and I'll leave you with this; most of the dialog in past threads surrounding NNBS and 285/17/70s is that they'll fit closely WITH a leveling kit....there are even some posts that suggest the 33s may rub even if you have a leveling kit, but that is definitely not the majority. Do plenty of research on threads here and other sources. You are the one spending money and taking the risk.

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