new silverado 2011 LT, 2 questions....

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by sao123, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. sao123

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    So far I love my new Silverado 2011 LT All Star Z71 truck, (upgraded from an 04 S10 Blazer)... but a few minor annoyances, I hope to have solved.

    #1)I spend most of my time on my bluetooth, while on the road. unfortunately, while on the BT, the stereo blanks out... I need to be able to watch the clock while im driving. Also while on the BT, the heater fan stops blowing (obviously so you can hear better), but this makes my hour drive, somewhat cold in the morning. So... How do I get my clock back, and how do I keep the heat on, and use the BT at the same time?

    #2)On occasion, when im not on the phone... my Droid cellphone has a police/fire/emergency band app. I used to listen to it in my old blazer, over BT. My blazer did have a custom stereo, but that was when BT was not yet supported by OEM radios. For now, I have been able to use the 3.5mm aux jack to listen to the app... But now that the new stereos seem a lot more advanced...Is there a way to be able to listen to this again over bluetooth with my factory stereo?
  2. randomsandwhich

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    Should be able to press clock button, and should override anything else and show the time. As far as the heat, I know on mine when I push use onstar I just turn it back up. Nothing really you can do about it because its programmed in the computer.

    I don't think the Bluetooth on the silverados support 2.0 Stereo Streaming, would have to purchase an aftermarket unit to be able to do so.
  3. partssource1

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    I would be intrested in any thing you can find out on this I also dislike that feature. I have talked to my dealer and they are doing some research on it for me right now but don't belivie there is any thing that can be done to change that

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