New sound system...any suggestions?

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  1. Ok so I don't know if any of you guys read the Looking for an Audio System thread posted by me, but i was looking for a audio system for my 2005 reg cab silverado, well i found one but i think i may run in to some problems, so im looking for people that may have run into these problems. First and for most i have 2 12'' sub woofers and a 760 watt amplifier now i have a trans humps that isn't exactly invisible, i could either leave the cover on having level space to place an enclosure with 2 sub holes or 2 enclosures with one each i don't know what would be the best i haven't bought the enclosure for that reason. Here are some pics of my space available with and w/o a cover anyone who has this problem or a suggestion would be AWESOME THANKS... if you guys have any questions just send me a message

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    shallow mount sub is all i can find, if you cant afford to loose leg room
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  4. Yeah i think ill need the middle seat might take the ones, if i dont find a shallow mount, i just might customize the box to fit over the trans hump also... but thats the box all get if i run out of options... Thanks for the help
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    it also says that those are for an extended cab but I don't think it matters really as there still mounted on the back wall

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