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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by chevyman2004, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. chevyman2004

    chevyman2004 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I got my new speakers ordered! I went with Alpines all the way around. SPS-600s in the front doors and SPG-17C2s in the rear doors. I would've went with 600s in the rear also but the Crutchfield advisor said they wouldn't fit because of clearance issues. Any how i hope they get here before the weekend so i can install them. I'll let u all know how the install goes. ROCK ON!!!
  2. c_m_chance

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    I really can't wait to get a full Alpine system again. In my '86 Silvy I installed a full Alpine system. It was pricy! No doubt about it! But in all honesty, it's one of those things where you get what you pay for. And that system sounded SOOO nice!

    Definitely let me know if those 600s fit in the rear door. And, just in general, how it all turns out and sounds.

    I have one set of SPS-600s on the way that I ordered today. I'm gonna hold off on ordering the second pair until I hear what you find out about the rear doors and then I'll make a decision. Once I have the speakers installed, I'm gonna go ahead and get the head unit. (iDA-X303 I listen to my iPod ALL the time lol) I'm also gonna get the Alpine in-dash amp unit. The KTP-445 power pack.
  3. 1flyfisher

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    I just got the Alpine ida X303 headunit and the SPS-600 speakers. I like the system a lot. Good speakers. You'll love them.

    P.S. did you mean the SPS-600C as opposed to typing SPS-600S......because there is no SPS-600S that I am aware of. The 600C is the one with the little tweeters. I got the SPS-600 which is the 6.5" speaker without that little tweeter.

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  4. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I got the Alpine ida-X303 at Best Buy for $169. $30 OFF a few weeks ago. The SPS-600 speakers were $114 and I got another $100 off the package for buying speakers and head unit and having them install it all.

    Here's a good deal on the speakers if you want to self install.

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  5. c_m_chance

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    Ya. I'm backing of a bit on this truck. My '86 I had as a show truck so I went ahead and put some money into the sound system. I spent about $500 on the head unit and got competition series Alpine rear and door speakers. If forget the model numbers that they were at the time, but they were similar to the SPX-13REF and SPX-17REF that they have now. And then I installed extra speakers into the dash but they were just some Alpine 4" speakers that I picked up. And then had everything boosted with 4x50W Alpine amp. It was sounded so damn nice! I've had Kenwood and JL Audio equipment before, but Alpine was definitely the best! I could definitely tell a difference. I'm definitely sold on Alpine for life! lol
  6. chevyman2004

    chevyman2004 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Got my speakers installed today! They sound totally freakin' awesome! i tried to mount the SPS-600 in the rear but the opening is plastic with pre-existing holes and did not line up at all with the tabs on the 600s where as the SPG-17C2 had a plastic ring around it and it matched up perfectly with the plastic opening so i kept the SPGs in the rear and i put the SPS-600 in the front. the front openings are metal so the SPS-600 was easier to install up front just drill 4 holes and screw together. hope this helps good luck.:sign0011:
  7. HawaiiKid

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    Love my Alpine system...only thing I have thats not alpine are the subs, and they are Rockford Fosgates, so its not like they are low quality! Now if only I could stop all the rattling in the truck...
  8. c_m_chance

    c_m_chance Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thats great to hear Chevyman2004! I actually found a set of SPS-600s on ebay for only $45. So I went ahead and got those. For the price, I'll play around with the read doors and find a way to make them fit. Might take a little custom fabrication here and there, but there isn't nothing wrong with spending some time with the truck! :happy: I'm definitley glad to hear that you like the sound of them! I can't wait to get mine now!!
  9. chevyman2004

    chevyman2004 Rockstar 100 Posts

    one thing to make sure of is to run ur wires so they don't interfere with the power window going up and down. the first one i did on the rear the wires were in the way and i put the window down and the speaker went out. thought i did major damage but it just unplugged the wires so be careful. otherwise everything went smooth. let me know how ur reworking on the rear goes and good luck.

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