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New Sylvania SilverStar® zXe & rebate for SilverStar / SilverStar Ultra

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by AMac, Apr 11, 2012.

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  1. AMac

    AMac New Member 100 Posts

    I was researching some aftermarket low-beam bulbs and toyed with the idea of buying some PIAA Extreme White Bulbs but then came across a new bulb made by Sylvania. It still falls within their SilverStar series but is supposed to be the whitest halogen they offer. Go figure the size I need is being released in April so it's not currently available. I'd also like to know what price range they'll be in.

    I wanted to see if anyone has these bulbs and what their feedback is.

    When I was on Sylvania's website I came across a rebate for the SilverStar & SilverStar Ultras so if you're interested check it out.

    I was able to come across a picture someone took that shows the difference between the zXe and the Ultras. I'm anxious to get my hands on these to try them out for myself. Next trick will be to find a fog light bulb that matches to the zXe.



  2. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator 1000 Posts 100 Posts

  3. AMac

    AMac New Member 100 Posts

    but do you have a picture of the beam; a picture similar to what I posted? Also, seeing as you get the inside scoop, Sylvania has April as the release date. Do you have a more approximate date?
  4. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    What bulb are you looking for? I linked this post to my friend Brian at Sylvania so I have to wait to hear back from him. A day or 2
  5. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    Of the two and based only on those photos I like the Ultras -- that's very white (but still a bit yellow). The zXe's are too blue for my liking. (You can see this most around the edge of the light ring on the garage door in the photo.) But hey if you like blue and it's legal, go for it.
  6. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    This is from a Email I got from him after a post on the Avalanche site..

    Just got this from Brian...from the light Co.. I sent him the link

    Thanks. this was a good thread. If you want to respond saying we will have 5 new versions coming out this spring, H1, H3, 9005XS, 9006XS and H13 zXe, feel free. What are your fogs? I would think the 800 series fog will follow next year but that hasn?t been decided.

    The life has tested out to be the same as SilverStar Ultra. As for true specs, they are whiter but actually aren?t brighter than ultra in the sense of true down road. The whiter light does give a perceived brightness greater than Ultra in the immediate distance and great side road (peripheral) vision. Also, your vehicle just looks cooler to oncoming traffic.

    If you want to do some sort of a giveaway contest for a few people on the board, I could probably figure something out.
  7. AMac

    AMac New Member 100 Posts

    zXe bulb size H1

    I'm mainly looking to get the whiter look without losing a whole lot of brightness. A lot of the bulbs I've had seem to be whiter but less bright. As long as they are as bright as the Ultras that would be good. Really hard to say though without seeing them in person. Pictures can be deceiving because people can touch up the contrast, brightness, and hue.

    Thank you for your help!!!!
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2012
  8. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    [MENTION=34858]Enkeiavalanche[/MENTION], is the light from those on your truck as blue as in the pic, below? Can you take some photos to help rule out image quality?
  9. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    Ok Ok just about to go to bed but here ya go... lights.jpg Just took it at 11:15pm
  10. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    Thanks, glad you took that. That's not too blue, at all. Looks good!

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